Spoil Your Pet With A Special Toy

Avoid The Festive Rush And Shop Now

Have you started compiling your shopping list for Festive Season gifts, but are stuck on what to buy for your furry family? Don’t dismay, there are a variety of gifts that you can buy from Family Pet Centre, and toys are not the only option.

Spoil Your Pet With A Special Toy

October 22, 2018

Gifts For Dogs

If toys are first on your list of gifts, there is a range of educational toys to consider that will stimulate your dog’s mind while keeping him occupied. Look for a hollow toy, made of a good-quality material, which can be stuffed with your dog’s favourite treat. Remember to keep the caloric value of these treats in mind when feeding him his dinner – you don’t want to overfeed your dog.

Another idea is to look at your dog’s collar and lead – are they in good condition or do they need replacement? It is as much in your dog’s interest that these items won’t break during your walk as it is in yours.

How about a new blanket or a special bed as a gift. If your dog loves playing with balls, why not consider new balls?

Gifts For Cats

Every cat needs a scratch post or two, and sometimes your cat has enjoyed her scratch post so much that it needs replacing. Inspect the post on a regular basis to ensure that it is still stable and doesn’t have any bits that can possibly injure your cat. If it does, why not consider a new post as a gift? There are so many lovely posts available at Family Pet Centre that won’t break the bank.

One toy that every cat needs is a wand with an object that she can ‘catch’. There is also a range of electronic toys with objects that your cat can chase to choose from that are affordable and a real treat for every cat.

Other Pets

Don’t forget about the other pets – there is a huge range of options for smaller pets, too. You can choose from solid running wheels for hamsters, cute objects for the fish tank where the fish can hide, and ladders and swings for birds.

Most Valuable Gift

While it is exciting to buy your pet a special gift, don’t forget that the most valuable gift is giving him special attention by playing with him and thereby building a strong bond.




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