Beware of Heatstroke in Summer

Keep your pets hydrated

One of the dangers of a hot summer’s day is heatstroke. There is a myriad of ways to prevent heatstroke, but if you suspect that your pet suffers from it, cool him down and take him to the vet immediately.

Beware of Heatstroke in Summer

October 25, 2018

Keep him cool

The best is to prevent heatstroke from taking place. Keep your pet in an area that is cool and well ventilated. Also ensure that he has cool, fresh water to drink to keep him hydrated. Have a few water bowls around the house in cooler areas. Add some ice blocks to the water to cool it down. Come and visit FPC to see our full range of summer cooling toys, cooling waterbowls and cooling mats.

If you are hot, your pet might be hot, too. When the heat is too much to bear, cool your pet down by spraying him lightly with water from a spray bottle. While most dogs like this, cats might not enjoy being sprayed with water, but birds won’t mind if you spray them lightly, as long as they are not soaked with water.

Go for walks early in the morning or late in the afternoon when it is cooler, and don’t allow your pet to do strenuous exercise.

What not to do

Keeping cool is the most important part of preventing heatstroke, even with humans. Keep the following in mind and never, ever leave your pet in the car – not for five minutes and not even in the shade.

  • Don’t travel in a car with no ventilation.
  • Don’t go running/ walking with your dog at midday.
  • Don’t leave your pet without adequate amounts of fresh water to drink.

Don’t let them suffer

Some animals experience heatstroke quicker than others, and that includes pets with heart conditions, pets with airway problems and who snore, overweight pets and pets who are older or ill. Pets with previous experience of heatstroke should also be watched carefully.

Short-nosed dog breeds like Pugs, Pekingese and Bulldogs, and short-nosed cats like Persians, should also be monitored and kept cool during hot summer days.

As a responsible pet owner, you should do everything in your power to keep your pets cool and ensure that they don’t exhaust or overheat themselves in the heat of the day.


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