We’re All Going On a Summer Holiday

Tips for Planning a Vacation

Once pets are part of the family, vacation planning takes on an entirely new form. Previously the first question would be: where are we going? But now the most important question is: what about the pets? Are the pets joining in on the vacation festivities or do they have to stay behind?

We’re All Going On a Summer Holiday

October 18, 2018

If your pets have to stay behind while you are going on your well-deserved break, there is a number of options for them. Always consider your pets’ needs first, and then the person or chosen facility that can best attend to them.

Boarding Kennels

Choosing a boarding kennel shouldn’t be done in haste, but at the same time it should be booked as early as possible, as the best kennels are booked months in advance. There are many reputable boarding kennels across the country that take excellent care of pets and provide them with everything they need. Make an appointment to see the kennel as soon as you know you are going away.

Hotels for Dogs

If you can, especially if you feel guilty about leaving your pets behind, you may want to consider a dog hotel. They provide luxury care for dogs, including an indoor sleeping room and an outdoor day area, usually with grass and a shady place to rest. The rooms are kitted out with beds, blankets, toys and other luxury items.


When you prefer your pet to stay in a familiar environment, such as his home, or if you have multiple pets, pet-sitters are a good choice. A good pet-sitter will visit your home once or twice a day to feed your pets, take them for a walk, top up their water bowls and spend some time with them.

Joining in on the Fun

If you’ve gone through all your options and cannot find somebody to look after your pets well enough, the best will be to take them with you on vacation. There is pet-friendly accommodation all over the country where your pooches will be welcome. Whatever you choose, always ensure that your pets’ vaccinations and tick and flea programme are up to date.


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