Spoil Your Pet!

Tail-Wagging-Good Gift Ideas

Whether you are price-sensitive, more focused on practical gifts, or sold on the cuteness factor when you purchase gifts for your fur-baby, there will be something special at Family Pet Centre for your beloved pet.

Spoil Your Pet!

November 01, 2018

Soft And Cuddly

If your cat or dog has a more sensitive personality, you probably want something soft and cuddly for him, maybe in pastel colours. In this case, you can choose from a soft bed or fluffy blanket, and don’t forget a big cushion that can be moved around the house. Soft stuffed toys will also be on his wish list.

Rough And Tough

Some pets are just born this way – they like it rough and tough. These pets would most probably prefer brighter colours and items from robust material that will withstand their personality. Dogs in this category might be chewers and their owners will understand how difficult it is find to something that will last. What about Robustball? They’re made tough, to withstand pets’ chewing frenzies.

If it is your cat who has super-claws, why not get her a great scratching post or a range of catnip toys to ‘calm’ her down a bit?

Small Or Feathered

Spoil your hamster or rat with cute cage accessories. There is a variety of tunnels, hammocks, domes and even toilets to brighten up his cage.

Just because they are small pets doesn’t mean they don’t also want to be clean, so spoil them with some dry shampoo. A happy pet is a healthy pet – even supplements are a great way to spoil your pet. Always speak to your vet first, before you alter or supplement your pet’s diet.

If it is your feathered friend you want to spoil, get him some great toys such as passifiers, ladders or bells. You can also give ‘another friend’ in the form of a mirror. Budgies, especially, entertain themselves for hours by ‘talking’ to their ‘imaginary friend’.

Alternative Shopping

And if you really don’t feel like fighting your way through the crowds, there is always the option of online shopping, (this makes it sound if the FPC staff is rude) where you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. You might even come across some real bargains and discounts. Have a look at www.familypetcentre.co.za for some ideas.


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