Crucial Training

Down to the basics and what to teach your pup, part 1

Puppy’s home, and now the fun starts! Along with the fun, there is also some work to do. A human child will eventually go to school, but long before that you will start teaching them all sorts of things that you consider important. It’s pretty much the same with a puppy. These are the things you need to teach your puppy right from the start. These basics will help him to cope and understand what is expected of him.

Crucial Training

November 05, 2018


Don’t clean his accident with ammonia-based cleaners. Urine contains ammonia and your puppy will think it is okay to do his business in the same spot.


This requires patience, but it’s worth it! Here’s how to go about teaching your pup to do his bathroom business outside.

  1. Take him outside regularly, as young puppies are not yet able to control their bladder and bowels. In the beginning you can take him outside every hour.
  2. Your pup will most likely need a bathroom break when he wakes up in the morning, after meals, after naps, after play as well as during the night. You should be able to see when he needs to ‘go’ as pup will start sniffing and circling to find a spot.
  3. When you take your puppy outside and he does eliminate, reward him with praise and a treat. If he does not go, bring him back inside and keep an eye on him so that you can immediately take him outside when he needs to go.
  4. For best results and to prevent ‘accidents’, you have to take puppy outside during the night as well. As with a human baby you might lose some sleep, but it will be worth it in the end!

It’s an accident

What do you do when pup does have an accident in the house? For many years people believed in rubbing puppies’ noses in the mess – this is a big no-no! Do not punish puppy in any way. He does not instinctively know where you want him to do his business. Therefore, he is by no means trying to be naughty if he does eliminate in the house. The only thing punishment will achieve is making him scared of you.

Simply ignore what happened and clean up with puppy in another room, while continuing to reward when he does get it right. This way he will soon learn that toileting outside comes with benefits, while nothing happens when he goes inside. Set him up to succeed by showing him what you want and regularly taking him outside.



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