Nutrition Tips for Small Furry Pets

You Can Help them Stay Well and Healthy

Any pet who is fed a nutritionally balanced diet has a better chance of staying healthy. Take a look at these tips to see how well you are doing with the nutritional needs for your hamster, rabbit, rat, mouse, guinea pig, gerbil or chinchilla.

Nutrition Tips for Small Furry Pets

January 23, 2019


Most small pets need a good supply of hay each day for roughage in their diets. For rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas It is their staple and makes up about 75% of the total food consumed. Without it, their digestive systems cannot function correctly. Consider Eragrostisor Timothy hay, which provides roughage and enrichment for rabbits, chinchillas, and guinea pigs.

It is very important to supply a high quality pellet to your small pet. The pellets should preferable be a complete pressed pellet. These complete pellets prevent the problem of selective consumption. These pellets should contain all vitamin and minerals.

Iron and Vitamin Supplements

There are various iron and vitamin supplements available on the market. You can opt to add a supplement or tonic to your pet’s diet, but first consult with your vet if your pet really needs it. A balanced commercial diet with extra fruit and vegetables should be adequate in supplying all the required iron and vitamins. Guinea pigs in particular need vitamin C in their diets to fight off illness, but a quality food formulated for these animals will have the correct amount of added vitamin C.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

You should supplement your pet’s commercial diet with fresh fruit and vegetables. Hamsters enjoy carrots, apples, spinach and baby marrow a few times a week. Rats, mice and rabbits should get a supply of green vegetables, and rabbits should get carrots and occasional chopped apples without seeds.

Mineral Stones

A mineral stone makes a great chew toy for mice, rats and hamsters and provides your pet with extra minerals and calcium. A good idea is to keep a record of all the food and treats that you feed your pet to show your vet. This will help the vet to see if your pet gets the required amounts of minerals and vitamins.

Fresh Water

Your pet needs fresh water daily to stay healthy. Not only does water hydrate your pet, but it also assists with his digestive system.

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