Keep Your Inquisitive Puppy Away From Danger

Puppy-Proof Your House

Just like with a small child, you have to puppy-proof your house before you fetch your new puppy. It is fundamental that you get rid of all dangers that your puppy might get into and keep him out of harm’s way.

Keep Your Inquisitive Puppy Away From Danger

January 28, 2019


Go through each room in your house on your knees. You have to think from a puppy’s perspective and look at every object, under and behind furniture. Is there anything that your puppy can chew? Think of cables and loose-hanging items, such as tablecloths that can be pulled down.

Take particular care in the bedroom for easily reachable medication. In the bathroom and kitchen, make sure that he can’t reach any cleaning or other chemicals.

Note that tobacco products are highly toxic to your dog and he should never be able to get hold of them at all.


Your puppy shouldn’t have any access to the garage unless he is supervised. Keep hazardous items and chemicals out of his reach and keep anti-freeze securely locked away, or don’t store it on the property.

The swimming pool should be covered and fenced so that the puppy can’t access the pool by himself.

Inspect every corner of your garden on your knees, similar to what you’ve 

done inside the house, to ensure that there is no danger for your puppy.

Keep Him Safe

Once puppy arrives at his new home, ideally you have to supervise him all the time. Unfortunately, that is not always possible. Keep him safe by keeping him in a dedicated area, such as a playpen, or install a baby gate at the entrance of a safe room. You’ll have to ensure there is nothing that can harm your puppy, and that he has access to fresh water, toys to keep him busy and a cosy bed where he can take a nap.


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