Preparing For a Kitten

Safety Precautions to Keep in Mind

You’re so excited, and you’re counting the days to the arrival of your new kitten. But is your house safe enough for her? Here are a few safety tips to follow.

Preparing For a Kitten

January 18, 2019

Safety First

Before the arrival of your kitten, inspect your house and make sure that everything is safe for her. Safety is the ultimate priority when preparing your home for a kitten. Her small size means that she can squeeze into potentially dangerous spaces, and her curiosity means that she probably will! Look around your home carefully from a kitten’s perspective – look for all those tiny spaces where a kitten could get stuck, cause damage or get hurt.

A good example is reclining chairs: if a kitten sneaks in and someone unwittingly adjusts the position, the kitten could be severely injured. Kitten-proofing such areas is essential. Be especially careful with washers and dryers – they must be closed at all times, and always check that your little fluffball hasn’t managed to creep in there before switching them on. Cupboards, drawers, dustbins and fireplaces should be completely secured as well.

Time to Play

Keep in mind that many things around the home will be perceived as potential toys or worthy of investigation, but could be harmful to your kitten. Medicines, cleaning products, plastic bags and items such as rubber bands or sewing kits should all be kept out of reach.

Also watch out for burning candles and electrical cables, as well as breakable or valuable items – removing, securing or blocking access to such objects may be necessary. It’s important to provide your kitten with appropriate and safe toys, and to play with them regularly, so that she can learn where she should direct her play and interest.

Indoor plants are an aspect that deserves special attention as many are toxic to cats. For more information please read the blog about toxic plants from our Family Vet Clinic in-house veterinarian (

Safe Toys

Giving her safe toys to play with that will stimulate her mind will help curb her curiosity a bit. These toys will interest her:

  • Wands with feathers
  • Small, stuffed toys
  • Catnip-stuffed toys
  • Interactive electronic toys that will encourage her to ‘catch’ an item

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