Ideal Rabbit Residence

What You Need to Know About His Cage

Your rabbit’s cage should be a safe haven where he can rest, play, sleep, eat and spend time when you can’t give him attention. To ensure that he enjoys his time in the cage, and doesn’t perceive it as a jail, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Ideal Rabbit Residence

February 01, 2019

Cage Size

As a general rule, a rabbit needs a cage that is at least 155cm (L) x 53cm (W) x 70cm (H). The bigger space you allow, the better for your rabbit. If the cage is outside, ensure that your rabbit is protected from the elements, with enough shade from the sun and a place to hide in if it’s cold or windy – and always bring him inside if it’s very cold. Rabbits are social and need exercise, so they should be taken out of the cage every day – especially if they are kept individually.

An all-wire cage with small mesh holes to keep out predators is more suitable than wooden hutches. Wire cages can be placed under a tree for good airflow during the hot summer months.

Hygienic Cage

The size of your cage, as well as what is in it, will determine how often you should clean the cage. The air should smell clean and fresh. If a pungent odour develops, your rabbit could develop chest infections. Rather clean the cage once a day minimum. Also do a thorough disinfection of bowls and toys once a week to avoid bacteria build-up.

Bedding needs to be placed in the cage and changed regularly. Pine and sawdust are best avoided. Straw is the better option.


Even though the rabbit might be obtained as a pet for a child, it is ultimately the responsibility of the adult to ensure that the rabbit is taken care of and that his cage is kept clean and in a good condition. The rabbit shouldn’t be able to escape from the cage.


You don’t want your rabbit to get bored, hungry or thirsty. Ensure that he has fresh water to drink, something to chew on and toys that he can play with, especially if he doesn’t have a bunny-friend to play with. A variety of must-have items for your rabbit is for sale at Family Pet Centre. Visit the store today or go online to



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