Gorgeous Guppies and Marvellous Mollies

Two Popular Fish to Consider

Guppies and mollies are such popular fish, because they are so easy to keep, and they are beautiful to look at. While the guppy is a peaceful fish, you need to find out if the molly will be friendly to other fish in the tank, as they tend to nip on other fish’s fins. This can cause stress that will affect the immune system of other fish, or can cause lethal infections.

Both the molly and guppy come in a variety of colours with exquisite patterns and beautiful fins.

Gorgeous Guppies and Marvellous Mollies

February 24, 2020

Tropical Molly

Mollies are ideal for adding colour to your tropical fish tank, but can’t live in cold water. This means that you will need an aquarium heater and the temperature of the water should be between 22 and 28°C. The ideal pH levels of the water for the molly are between seven and eight.

Although they are mostly peaceful, don’t place them with fish who are smaller than they are. Their omnivorous nature might lead them to eat their ‘roommates’.

Mollies like to live in small groups. One male with a few females is a good combination or, if you don’t want them to breed, keep an all-female group of mollies.

You might be surprised by the rate at which they breed. If the conditions in the tank are ideal, a molly can give birth every 30 days. It would be a good idea to keep live plants in the tank to provide hiding places for both the babies and the adult fish. Mollies eat their young, so it would be advisable to separate the pregnant molly from the rest of the tank.

Hardy Guppy

These peaceful fish generally get along well with other species in a tropical or freshwater tank. They also eat their own young and they do it to ensure that their habitat doesn’t become overcrowded.

The guppy breeds fast and sometimes they go by the nickname ‘million fish’. Both the guppy and molly give birth to live young. The interesting thing about the guppy, is that she can fall pregnant again after a few hours, as she can store sperm. So, if you don’t want babies, rather get same-sex fish.

The guppy is generally a hardy fish and not a fussy eater. Maintaining his tank and feeding him a good diet will help keep his immune system healthy.

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