Pamper Sessions at the Salon

3 Benefits and What You’ll Need

Not all dogs enjoy being bathed and brushed, and it can be daunting for them. You can make it easier for him, if he doesn’t like strange people and places, by grooming your dog at home. That way, dogs who get anxious when the taps open up and water starts to spray, will have one less thing to stress about.

Pamper Sessions at the Salon

March 11, 2020

1. Expertise

Besides not having the time, you might not have the necessary expertise to groom your dog yourself. If you don’t understand your dog’s coat, it might be better to let the experts do it. They are trained to understand the various coat types and how to groom them professionally.

2. Hairstyle

Remember the children at school who had their hair cut by their moms who weren’t hairdressers? Surely you don’t want your pooch to walk around in shame because his hairstyle is totally against the fashion police’s rules. Let the professional groomers do it for you.

3. Nail Cutting

Not everybody understands how to cut a dog’s nails. Rather let the experts do it, as you could injure your dog if you cut them too short. Groomers learn this skill and know what to do if an accident happens.

Finding a Trustworthy Groomer 

  1. Visit groomers unannounced and without your pet, and take a good look behind the scenes. Make sure the premises has an overall clean feel to it and that it doesn’t have a bad smell.
  2. Carefully look at the drying facilities and ask them how they handle nervous dogs who don’t like the drying process. Ensure that the drying facilities won’t burn your dog.
  3. Ask the staff how they tell the dogs apart.
  4. Is the premises safe and will your dog be safe, without escape opportunities?
  5. What is the noise level on the premises? Is there constant barking, or are the dogs relatively calm? The facility should not be overcrowded.
  6. The way the staff handle the pets will also be an indication of how your dog will be handled.
  7. Ask the parlour about their experience and expertise, and if they have any qualifications. Explain what your requirements are.
  8. If the parlour makes use of collection service, remember to send a note with your dog, explaining your request.
  9. Once you have chosen a reputable grooming parlour, you should trust their opinion and advice.
  10. Don’t choose a parlour based on its location, but rather on its professionalism and experience.
  11. Or, simply book an appointment with one of the trusted Family Pet Centre groomers in-store.

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