7 Steps To Fish Tank Cleaning

Fish tanks that are well maintained not only promote the health of your fish but are also appealing. Read on as Family Pet Centre list 7 easy steps to keeping your fish tank pristine.

7 Steps To Fish Tank Cleaning

February 18, 2020

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Unplug The Fish Tank

Fish captured swimming in a fish tank

To avoid accidentally electrocuting yourself, it's important to unplug all electrical equipment in your fish tank. Electricity and water are a dangerous combination, and failure to unplug your fish tank presents a danger to you. By unplugging your fish tank, you can ensure a safe (and effective) cleaning process.

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Remove The Fish

Fish captured swimming in a fish tank

Transfer the water from the tank to a container, and delicately transfer each fish from the tank to a container with water at the same temperature using a net. It is important to prepare a clean container for your fish to avoid shocking or stressing them. Take your time catching each fish gently. Chasing your fish could cause them to panic.

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Insert A Siphoning Pipe Into The Fish Tank

Lone fish captured in a fish tank

A siphoning tube is used to transfer liquid from one container to another employing a siphon.

Afterwards, it is necessary to lift the cover and place a siphoning tube inside the tank to transfer the water to a different container. Manoeuvre the tube throughout the tank to eliminate as much contaminated water with algae and bacteria as you can. Dispose of the contaminated water.

Fish captured in a fish tank

Fish Tank Cleaning Process

Fish captured swimming in a fish tank

To clean the tank, utilize solely pure water and a sponge for both the interior and exterior. For the filter sponge, filter grid, and carbon pack, take them out and clean them individually with clean water.

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Lone Fish captured in a fish tank

Replace Fish Tank Equipment

Colorful Fish captured in a fish tank

After cleaning, reinstall all the equipment into the tank and refill it with fresh water. This is also a great opportunity to rearrange the decorations as you desire. Ensure that the water level is appropriate for your fish and the equipment.

Gold Fish captured in a fish tank

Dechlorinating Agent

Fish captured in a fish tank ( blue and black)

Follow the product instructions and add the dechlorinating agent to the water, then connect all electrical equipment. Be sure to read the safety precautions carefully on the label before using the agent.

It is also recommended that you consider the brand reputation of the agent to ensure that the product is effective and reliable.

A lone fish captured in the ocean

Ideal Temperature Within The Fish Tank

Angelfish captured in a fish tank

After the water in the tank reaches the desired temperature, carefully transfer the fish back into the tank. Ensure that you use the thermometer to measure the water temperature.

Fish captured in the ocean

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Fish Tank Cleaning FAQs

Should a fish tank be cleaned every month?

Try and aim for about once every fortnight. Cleaning a fish tank is also highly dependent on how many fish you have.

Are there any other indicators that would suggest that you clean your fish tank?

Monitor the overall behaviour of your fish. If you notice that your fish is perhaps gasping for air or behaving sluggishly, it may be a good idea to clean your tank.

Are there consequences when you do not clean your fish tank?

There are several negative effects when you do not clean your fish tank. However, the most important one to note is the adverse impact that it has on the health of your fish.

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