Pets Are a Commitment for their Entire Lifetime

What to Consider Before you Get a New Pet

We all strive to be responsible pet owners, so we need to plan before we get a new pet. It shouldn’t be an impulsive decision, but thoroughly thought through and planned accordingly. This is why pets should never be given as gifts, unless you have discussed this in detail with the new owner. 

Pets Are a Commitment for their Entire Lifetime

November 08, 2018


Do all the necessary research to ensure that you are 100% ready for the commitment. Find out which is the ideal breed for you, then find a reputable breeder, and only then choose the puppy or kitten. Do you know everything there is about the breed? Not all breeds develop at the same pace. Do you know for instance:

  • how fast he will grow?
  • when he will reach which stage of his life?
  • at what age you should start exercise?
  • when the right time is for him to start solid food?

In many cases the breeder will be able to assist with the above knowledge, but it won’t hurt to find out from other reputable sources as well. 

Find a Vet

If you don’t have a good relationship with a veterinarian yet, this will be the time you should start looking for one in your area who you can trust with your fur-baby. You can also pop into Family Pet Centre, where you can start building a trusting relationship with our resident vet at Family Vet Clinic. 

Pet Insurance

Times are tough for most people and we don’t really plan for a medical emergency, which can quickly become very expensive. Therefore, many veterinarians advise that pet owners take out medical insurance for their pets.

There are so many insurance companies to choose from. The best is to list your requirements and determine your budget first, research the various plans on offer, and then contact the companies.

Prepare the Family

If you have small children, you should also prepare them for the new pet. Educate them on what the house rules are, what is expected of them and what they can and can’t do with the new pet.

This is the time to enjoy the excitement of planning the homecoming of your new puppy, kitten or other pet. Make the most of it, while ensuring that everything is in place beforehand.

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