Ultra Dog Optiwoof Food For All Size Adult Dogs

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Ultra Dog Optiwoof Food For All Size Adult Dogs

Ultra Dog Optiwoof dog food for all size adult dogs with Beef and Rice is a complete and balanced dog food that assists with maintaining strong muscles, a healthy digestive system and healthy teeth and bones.

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Our Adult dog food has been developed by our resident veterinarian and animal nutritionist to deliver the appropriate levels of protein, fat and calories to help dogs maintain an optimal body condition.

This product is free from artificial colours and flavourants and has been formulated with the inclusion of prebiotics, a plant-based fibre, that helps to improve the health of your dog’s intestinal and digestive systems.

Feeding Guideline:

1 – 5 30 – 100
5 – 10 100 – 170
10 – 20 170 – 285
20 – 30 285 – 385
30 – 40 385 – 475
40 – 60 475 – 645
60 – 80 645 – 725



Cereals* (Min 4% Rice), Derivatives of Vegetable Origin and Vegetable Protein Extract, Meat and Animal Derivatives (Min 4% Beef Meal), Fats and Oils, Palatability Enhancers, Minerals and Vitamins, Mannan Oligosaccharide, and Antioxidants
(*may contain at least 5% GMO).

Ultra Dog does not use any artificial colourants or flavourings in our food, so the colour of our kibble may vary.

Ultra Dog Optiwoof Dog Food Is Meant For Your Dog

Ultra Dog Optiwoof dog food is a complete and balanced diet that assists with maintaining strong muscles, healthy teeth and bones. Our adult dog food has been developed by our resident veterinarian and animal nutritionist to deliver the appropriate levels of protein, fat and calories to help dogs maintain an optimal body condition.  This high-quality food is scientifically developed by our trusted veterinarians which contain fatty acids which help dogs with their immune system, shiny coat, healthy skin and coat.

Ultra dog food is a high protein, vitamin-enriched, grain-free diet that dogs love. Ultra Dog Optiwoof is an ultra-healthy premium dog food specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of your adult dog. Available in 5 different sizes and two flavours, it's a perfect choice for your beloved pet. Read More

Looking to keep your dog well nourished, lean and healthy? The active ingredients in Ultra Dog Optiwoof have been formulated by our resident animal nutritionists to help dogs maintain healthy body weight and stay active. Beef is a natural protein source that builds muscle, adding to the nutritional value of this food for all size adult dogs. This high-quality food supports healthy muscles, teeth and bones.

Give your dog the nourishment it needs with complete, balanced and healthy food. Made with beef and rice protein and fatty acids, our complete food is a perfect option for all size adult dogs.

Ultra dog food contains high protein—your pet will get the essential protein needed during their lifetime with our complete, balanced formula of beef and rice. Ultra dog food is a high-quality blend of protein, vitamins, and minerals.

The complete diet for all adult dogs including large breed puppies. 85% of meat ingredients from the chicken meal and dehydrated lamb meal with the remaining 15% being soybean product, ground whole grains and vegetables.

Ultra Dog Optiwoof dog food for all size adult dogs with Beef and Rice provides the appropriate amount of protein, fat, and calories to help maintain a healthy body condition. This high-quality dog food is formulated by our veterinarian and animal nutritionist.

This scientific food is healthy, and it’s the right food and formula for your dog.  Ultra Dog is manufactured, packaged and distributed locally. The complete line of ultra dog products contains high-quality ingredients in innovative formulations that are formulated to address the nutritional needs of dogs at different stages of life while providing great taste. 

Ultra dog food is made especially for dogs of all sizes. It is available in a variety of flavours to suit your dog's taste and keep them healthy and satisfied.

It's made from the finest ingredients to ensure a balanced diet through every stage of your pet's life.

Ultra Dog is a proudly South African vet-quality dry dog food, developed by an animal nutritionist and veterinarian to help guarantee your dogs’ health and vitality. It was also developed for South African dogs living in our local sunny SA conditions and is highly palatable, wholesome and made in a state-of-the-art factory facility that produces world-class products that won’t break the bank. Ultra Dog dry dog food tastes great and is affordable too. It also boasts special, scientifically engineered recipes that help ensure your dog gets those vital nutrients they need to shine each and every day.

The brand new and beyond awesome Superwoof range’s recipes now include FRESH MEAT and contains the perfect scientific blend of proteins, fats and fibre to help your dog maintain their best condition, a lustrous coat, healthy skin and a strong immune system. The Ultra Dog range is available in puppy food, adult food to senior food and is definitely worth a buy and try - so let your charismatic canines enjoy dog food jam-packed with goodness, whilst you save time and shop Ultra Dog pet food online and in-store with us.

Your pet needs a diet that is specifically formulated to meet its nutritional and physical needs at every stage in life. Approved and recommended by vets everywhere, you can trust the ULTRA DOG range of dry dog food to keep your dog healthy. Our range of dog food is developed by dedicated resident veterinarians and pet food nutritionists and contains only nature-identical flavourants and colourants.

Ultra Dog Optiwoof is a balanced dog food that supports and maintains healthy lean muscle, optimal digestion, and strong bones and teeth. A great source of energy, Optiwoof has been developed by Ultra Dog’s in-house experts to give your dog excellent nutrition delivered in tastyBeef and Rice kibbles.

Adult dogs of all sizes need balanced dog food that delivers complete nutrition to meet their daily needs for energy, healthy digestion and maintaining lean muscle and healthy bones and teeth. The addition of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids means that your dog’s skin and coat will also be fed from the inside out – just look at that shine!