Ultimate Exotic Breeder Hide

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The Ultimate Exotics Breeder Hide provides a secure hiding place that gives your reptile a real sense of security.

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Reptile Hides allows easy observation of reptiles and amphibians while in their hiding and sleeping spot without opening the terrarium and disturbing the animals. Digging out your animals by removing the substrate and terrarium decoration is an underestimated stress factor, which is completely eliminated with the use of the Ultimate Exotic Breeder Hide.

Reptiles enjoy the comfort and security of having their own space - specifically, a designated area in which they feel safe and at home. The integration of a breeder hide in any type of terrarium also helps to prevent stress for your reptile and amphibian pets.

The Ultimate Exotic Breeder Hide will not break down in the humid environment of the reptiles enclosure and is also completely non-toxic. It is also a great choice for them in terms of set-up and maintenance with the shape and material that the breeder hide is made with.

The Breeder Hide comes in three different sizes for your exotic enclosure; small, medium and large. Find the perfect hide for your exotic pet. Items such as the Ultimate Exotic Breeder Hide will help reduce stress for your reptile by allowing them to escape from the world and into their little home.

The Ultimate Exotics Breeder Hide provides a secure hiding place that gives your reptile a real sense of comfort, privacy and security. Reptiles need to stay warm in their enclosure. Humidity is necessary for them because it helps prevent fungus and bacteria from growing, and provides essential moisture for the reptile's skin.

Breeder Hides are ideal when creating a humid microclimate for your exotic pet. By using shed aids inside a reptile hide, you are helping them to increase the humidity and make shedding easier.

When it comes to reptiles being cold-blooded animal species, they need to stay warm during the winter. In order to do so, their enclosure needs to have spaces where they are able to keep warm. Because a reptile hide or hut provides an ideal place for your reptile to bask and enjoy the rays given off by their heat lamp, just as they would enjoy the rays of the sun in their natural habitats.