TetraTec Air Pump For Aquariums

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With the external flow control valve included, the TetraTec APS 50 can be easily adjusted to provide the right air flow. For all purposes like box filters, airstones, action ornaments and undergravel filters. Innovative design reduces noise while.

With the external flow control valve included this powerful pump can be easily adjusted depending on your needs. This ensures that you have some quiet time while taking care of your fish!

The benefits of the silent compressor are intended for all animals, plants and useful microorganisms. The unit further promotes optimal biological balance. By reducing environmental noise to a whisper-quiet level that can be controlled with your tap!

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Aquarium Air Compressor Variations

  • TetraTec APS50
  • TetraTec APS100
  • TetraTec APS150
  • TetraTec APS300
  • TetraTec APS400

Learn More About The TetraTec Air Pump

Quiet as a whisper

Sometimes, trying to get things done quietly can be a challenge. Not with this air pump! Its sound-absorbing chambers make sure it runs quietly and smoothly. 

So you don't have to worry about disturbing your roommates or family. Plus, it's got a fun design that will add personality to your fish tank setup.

Stablised Water Care

TetraTec's advanced air pump technology makes it the perfect choice for fish enthusiasts who demand both quiet and stable operation. The housing is specially designed to reduce vibrations, and the rubber feet keep the pump in place. Even when things get a little bit rocky in your tank!

Built To Last

You know that sinking feeling you get when you realize your fish tank is low on oxygen? Well, with the TetraTec Fish Tank Air Pump, you'll never have to worry about that again! This top-quality air pump is totally reliable and delivers a steady stream of fresh air to your fish. So bring home a TetraTec Fish Tank Air Pump today and keep your fish happy and healthy!

Consistent Air Flow

Fish keeping is a popular pastime. With this Fish Tank Air Pump, you can easily keep your fish tank well oxygenated. This pump is highly consistent thanks to its powerful and durable membrane. So you can be sure your fish will always have plenty of oxygen.

Adjustable Features

The TetraTec Fish Tank Air Pump is perfect for keeping your fish tank aerated and healthy. This pump includes an air tap for adjusting the air flow, making it easy to customize the environment in your tank.

Easy To Set Up

This TetraTec Fish Tank Air Pump is easy to set up and use. This makes it a great choice for anyone looking to improve the water quality in their tank. The pump creates a gentle flow of air that helps to circulate the water and keep your fish healthy and happy. Read More

Guarantee For Three

This fish tank air pump is perfect for anyone looking to add some extra oxygen to their tank. It comes with a 3-year guarantee, so you can be sure that it will last. This will help provide you with peace of mind knowing your fish will be taken care of.

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Why Does An Aquarium Need An Air Pump?

Whether you've got small fish or big fish in your tank, the little guys will need some air! If you're a fish owner, you know that an aquarium needs an air pump. But do you know why?

Air pumps help to oxygenate the water and keep your fish healthy. Without an air pump, your aquarium can become stagnant and your fish may not survive. There are plenty of air pumps for sale online. However, we can provide you with a genuine TetraTec aquarium air pump that helps with the following.

Surface Agitation

If you want the best possible outcome for your aquarium, it’s important to ensure there is enough surface agitation. This can be done in two ways. First by placing a power filter slightly above water level so that flow circulation currents arise. Or simply creating more bubbles with an air stone attached at the bottom of the tank!

Oxygen Flow

One of the biggest benefits to increased surface agitation is that it provides a healthy habitat for all living things. Air pumps and air stones canisters provide tons of oxygen bubbles into your aquarium water. Not only does this keep them alive but also helps create healthier plants!

Why Choose Tetra?

Tetra has been a leading ornamental fish food company for over fifty years. We offer a variety of products, serve dealers in more than one hundred countries around the world. We also communicate regularly with fish lovers and clients. Tetra's Facebook groups are updated every day about new releases or other newsworthy items tailored to their interests.

Worried about noise?

Many first time fish-owners are skeptical about their fish pump making a noise in their space. This is not a problem with the TetraTec Fish Tank Pump!

The design of this product allows it to operate powerfully - with no disturbances. The stable base and high-quality materials ensure that your fish tank is kept in prime condition. Without keeping you up at night!

You can help your fish live longer and healthier lives with the Tetra Tech Air Pump. The pump is quiet, aesthetically pleasing and durable enough to last you many years of use. Invest in an air pump today, shop air pumps online with Family Pet Centre.