Montego Karoo Adult Dog Wet Food Ostrich

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Montego Karoo wet food is a super premium limited ingredient diet for adult dogs. It is made from the finest ingredients, selected for its delicious flavour and high nutritional content. Your dog will love this mouth-watering combination of juicy ostrich and vitamin-rich vegetables slow-cooked to perfection.

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Montego Karoo Ostrich Adult Wet Food is made with the finest ingredients and can be used as a complete diet or added to dry food as a treat. Your best buddy will love this delicious combination of the succulent slow-cooked ostrich with potatoes and carrots.Learn More

If you're looking for a healthy, grain-free alternative to canned food, nutrient-rich Montego Karoo wet dog food is perfect for your best buddy. With its low-fat content, no preservatives, and slow cooking process, this is the perfect choice for your fur baby. This wet food contains omega-6 fatty acids, oil powder, beet pulp brewer yeast natural flavouring, approved antioxidants, fish oils, vitamins and minerals.

Your dog will love Montego Karoo wet dog food if you're looking for dog food that will keep your best buddy stay healthy and energetic, and enhance their physique. This food is scientifically formulated and nutrient-rich containing genuine ostrich, that is suitable for adult dogs of all breeds to keep them happy and healthy. With its low-fat content and slow cooking process, this is the perfect choice for your pet packed full of unique flavours and high nutritional content that are sure to please your pup.

You should always make sure your dog has access to a fresh and clean water source to keep hydrated throughout the day. A dog needs to have continuous access to water to lower its risk of dehydration.


Water, ostrich (including liver), rice (including rice flour), potato, carrots, whole egg powder, palm oil, beet pulp, sodium tripolyphosphate, calcium carbonate, guar gum, salt, xanthan gum, potassium chloride, essential minerals & vitamins.


Crude protein 7% 39%
Moisture 82% -
Total fat 4% 22%
Crude fibre 1% 5.5%
Crude ash 2% 11%
Calcium 0.3% 1.6%
Phosphorus 0.15% 0.8
Taurine 125 mg/kg 695 mg/kg
Metabolisable energy 69 kcal/100g 385 kcal/100g


The Karoo Way:

The Karoo Way is a unique patented process of cooking foods to their maximum nutritional benefit. The process involves low-temperature, long time cooking with no added water or oil. Including the use of only natural ingredients that retain all the goodness your dog needs.

Montego Karoo Wet Food is a complete meal for your pet that contains 100% natural wholesome ingredients. Plus it's rich in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids which are very beneficial for healthy skin and coat. This premium natural dog food is grain-free, contains no preservatives and has a low-fat content.

Benefits of wet dog food:

Wet food is generally much more appetising for dogs compared to dry food, as it closely resembles the fresh meat that dogs crave. A wet food option is great for picky eaters as an addition or alternative to dry food.

  • Adds hydration to your dog's meal, wet dog food has a higher moisture content compared to dry food. Some dogs do not drink adequate amounts of water and by giving your dog wet food, you are making sure your pet has the extra water for hydration throughout the day.
  • High-quality wet foods will use highly digestible meat as their main ingredient, making sure your pet is getting all of the nutrients in their balanced diet.
  • Wet food has a higher moisture content than dry food. This means that it can help your pets to feel fuller, promoting satiety. It is important for weight management for those dogs that can be greedy and show begging behaviours.
  • A wet food diet can be an excellent choice for your dog if you’re noticing that they are turning up their nose to dry food. Montego Karoo Wet Food comes in a variety of flavours that may be to your dog's liking, making it easier to find a meal that makes your best buddy light up.
  • Wet food is a better option for managing the weight of dogs than eating dry food alone. A wet diet offers a larger portion size with fewer calories, which is beneficial if you are trying to help manage your dog's weight.

The main causes of dehydration:

There are many reasons why your dog may become dehydrated, including heatstroke or persistent vomiting or diarrhoea. They may not drink enough water either because of illness, fever, or just their preference.

Signs of dehydration in dogs:

It is essential that there is fresh and clean water available for your pup at all times to prevent dehydration throughout the day. It is normal for a dog's body to lose and gain water throughout the day. Panting, urinating, breathing, defecating and evaporation through their paws contribute to the loss of water, where your dog compensates by eating and drinking throughout the day.

Common signs of dehydration in dogs include:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Panting
  • Sunken, dry-looking eyes
  • Vomiting
  • Dry, sticky gums with thick saliva (also known as xerostomia which is the loss of moisture in your dog's gums.)
  • Reduced energy levels and lethargy

You should contact your vet if your dog is suffering from severe or continuous vomiting and or diarrhoea so they can analyse if there is a more serious underlying issue. IV fluids may be necessary if your dog's symptoms persist to prevent extreme dehydration.

To prevent dehydration in dogs:

The best way to prevent dehydration in your dog is to provide him with a constant supply of clean, fresh water at all times of the day, including when he is inside and outside. Some dogs drink more water than others, so you will need to keep on refilling his water bowl if it starts to become noticeably empty.

Depending on the weather, the temperature, the activity levels and exercise of your best buddy, he will probably need more water on some days compared to others. On these days, you will have to ensure that there is more than enough water available for your pup to replace the water they have lost.

How to store your wet dog food:

The best way to store an open can of wet dog food is to use an airtight container and place the container into a fridge. A lid that fits the container is essential to prevent any loss of moisture and transfer of odours. On the packaging of the product, you will be able to see how long the wet dog food can be refrigerated without spoiling.

Montego Karoo wet dog food is suitable for all breeds of dogs, it's got an irresistible taste that your furry friend will love. Montego Karoo is formulated to be a complete and balanced diet for dogs of all breeds, sizes & life stages. It is packed in a strong aluminium can that locks in freshness for up to 12 months after opening.

Montego Karoo is a premium range of wet and dry dog foods that are healthy, grain-free alternatives to canned varieties. They contain all the nutrients your pup needs to stay fit and happy! Your dog will love this slow-cooked, super-premium offering with limited ingredients and a wholesome taste. Packed full of vitamins and minerals for your pooch's growing needs, Montego Karoo wet dog food is the perfect choice for your furry friend.