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JOCK MULTISTAGES DOG FOOD - Unleash your dog's inner legend

The high quality of Jack Multistage Dog Food's ingredients is what sets it apart from other brands. Dogs that eat Jock Dog Food will enjoy improved energy, muscle tone, and shiny coats.

This veterinary formulated dog food is formulated to keep your fury best friend active, happy and healthy. The fresh, high-quality ingredients are perfect for dogs who love to run, play fetch and enjoy everyday.


Superior Recipe

Jock Multistage is packed with the ideal to get active dogs’ tails wagging. Using only the finest, carefully selected ingredients, it provides a complete balanced nutritional diet, specifically geared towards the daily health of dogs with a zing for life.

Jock is scientifically formulated and packed with exceptional nutrients to keep your pup active, happy and thriving. The fresh, high-quality ingredients are an ideal way to maintain strong muscles and for helping them maintain a healthy lifestyle. Giving  your furry friend Jock Multistage you will encourage a full and healthy life along with optimal digestion.

Active dogs Are Happy Dogs

Active dogs need to stay active, and as such they have specific dietary requirements that can't be met with just any old food. Active adult pets also require more nutrients than a puppy does because their bodies have traveled way past the point where baby steps are taken!

It is essential that your playful fury friend has specific dietary requirements met due to their high energy burning. Active adult dogs also require more nutrients than younger ones because they have a higher metabolism and larger body size, so it's important for them not only eat well but make sure the food is healthy too!

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advanced line of food specifically designed for active adult dogs. Active lifestyles call for a special diet, so we've packed each pellet with all the nutritious goodness they need to stay healthy and playful such as Omega 3 & 6 which are both polyunsaturated fatty acids which have been shown to promote the brilliance and sheen of the skin and coat.

Amino Acids Aids muscle development and is the building block of protein and will ensure healthy muscle development. Chondroitin & Glucosamine promotes healthy joints. It is also the perfect supplement for keeping those joints in top condition.  Antioxidants boost immune system.

Vitamin C, E and chelated selenium are natural antioxidants which help protect your pet’s body against harmful free radicals.

Jock Dog Food is a company that makes sure to be on top of its game with every single product they create. We develop recipes with your pup in mind, keeping their health as top priority while also making sure they have a great time eating whatever it is you're feeding them.

A full line of natural dog foods is manufactured and each product is prepared using wholesome ingredients that your dog will simply lap up. With a variety of formulations and flavors, our product range offers ideal nutrition for every stage in your dog’s life. Only natural ingredients are used in combination with essential vitamins and minerals and is guaranteed to satisfy your cherished canine’s hunger while promoting a healthy digestive system.

Along with the ISO certification, the facility’s food safety concerns are carefully managed and mitigated by a HACCP system. The successful implementation of this system is demonstrated through our FSA Certificate of Achievement which is audited annually by Intertek.

The facility has also maintained export approval for consecutive years. This certificate is granted by the state veterinarian of the Department of Agriculture after a thorough on-site inspection and allows our product to be exported to other African countries.

Food Safety and Quality Certificates:

ISO 9001:2015

FSA Certificate of Achievement

ZA Export Certificate

All products produced in the dog food plant go through strict quality procedures before they are released to consumers. This includes an inspection of moisture levels and final product checks on protein, fat, pellet count as well as antioxidant blends like BHT/BHA.

This helps to ensure the shelf life of our product. Every bag has production date labeling included so that buyers know how long their investment will last without going bad due too natural deterioration over time

Why feed dogs good quality food?

It’s important because one definite way any pet owner can affect the longevity and quality of life for their pet is by providing the highest quality food they can. The quality of the food you feed makes a direct difference in your pet’s health.

Quality is the key word, quality of the ingredients that go into the making of the pet food you feed. Better quality foods made with better quality ingredients provide a better quality of life. The result is fewer skin conditions, less itching, fewer ear infections, shinier coats, less inflammatory bowel disease, better muscling and muscle tone, stronger bones, more energy, better temperament and other immediate physical benefits of better nutrition. In result to better nutrition, your dogs are happier and feel better overall.

Better nutrition, provides an overall boost in the immune system and improved health over the long term with less stress on the pet’s organs.

The kidneys and liver have to work very hard to remove toxins such as chemicals, preservatives, dyes and other non-supportive elements of the pet’s food out of their body. At the same time their body is working so hard to remove these, they are working from a sometimes malnourished state because the food they’re eating is full of fillers or by-products that make them feel full but does not provide the nourishment needed for a healthy body.

When the body’s not healthy, the mind is distracted by not feeling well and the spirit of the pet can be compromised because it just does not feel as well as it could or should.

5 Reasons to feed your dog High Quality Dog Food

  1. Health and Longevity - If you want to give your dog the best life possible, consider feeding them high quality food. Not only will this provide more time with family and friends but it could help prevent illness or allergies too! To start off on a good foot feed dogs Premium or Super premium foods like Natural/Organic brands which contain nutrients that are easier for their digestive system because they're less processed than other types of pet cuisine available today
  2. Less frequent vet visits - Choosing a high quality dog food can mean fewer visits to the vet for your four-legged friend. Premium and Super premium dry foods use natural ingredients like peas or salmon while still being grain free so they are healthier both inside and out.
  3. Improved Digestion -The best dog food is made from natural sources and doesn't contain nasty chemicals, so your pup can digest it more easily. This will result in them having a healthier appetite! You may notice that you're feeding them less than what they were used to because this premium brand provides only necessary nutrients for dogs without any bulky fillers which could lead into unhealthy weight loss or digestive problems.
  4. Improve skin and coat health -  Healthy dogs have healthy skin and fur because they get the proper balance of omega-3s, which help protect from dryness therefore a shiny coat with a beautiful sheen is a sign that your dog's body gets what it needs to stay hydrated.
  5. Improved overall body condition - The best way to keep your furry friend healthy and happy is with a natural diet. Your pet needs protein to keep their body healthy. This is especially true for old pets who cannot eat meat anymore, or have any dietary restrictions.