Cesar Classic Wet Dog Food

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Classic & meaty recipes with a taste and aroma that little dogs can’t resist. Cesar gourmet wet dog treats are made with...

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Classic & meaty recipes with a taste and aroma that little dogs can’t resist. Cesar gourmet wet dog treats are made with choice lamb, chicken or beef cooked to mouth-watering tenderness in their own juices. Great given as a treat with your dog’s dry food.

Please note – Cesar tins are meant as treats to compliment your dog’s premium, balanced dog food brand of choice, not as a complete meal on its own. Only premium quality and nutritionally-balanced ingredients are used in preparing Cesar tray foods so no need to worry, their recipes are 100% preservative-free.


  • Tasty and nutritious treat that little dogs can’t resist
  • Made with quality beef, chicken or lamb
  • 100% preservative-free & balanced nutrition
  • Available in Chicken Supreme, Gourmet Beef & Lamb Classic
  • 100g in each tin
  • Manufactured in Australia under their strict quality & safety protocols

Offer your little buddy the gourmet taste of Cesar wet dog food, not only will you satisfy his hunger, but you'll also satisfy his refined palate. Learn More

Choosing the right pet food for your dog can be hard, good pet food will keep your pet’s coat shiny, keep their digestive system healthy, strengthen their immune system and improve the general health of your pet.  Follow this link to see why choosing the right pet food is important.


When you give your dog quality goods, you are ensuring that they are getting the adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need to be healthy. Healthy oils are an essential part of any dog food diet and these fats can turn a dull coat into a glossy one. When your best buddy is getting adequate nutrition, they have the ability to live a happy and healthy life.

How to store Cesar products:

Prior to opening your Cesar Wet Dog Food, we recommend storing the pet food cans in a cool and dry environment. Once opened, the leftover unused portion of wet dog food should be refrigerated and used within three days. This keeps the food fresh and retains moisture, minimising the exposure to air and reducing odours from other food. If you do not have access to a lid, plastic wrap is able to be a good moisture, air and odour barrier.

The benefits of wet food for dogs:

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right food for your dog. One important consideration is whether you want to feed your dog dry or wet food. Dry food is cheaper and more convenient, but Wet food has potential health benefits.

Wet food is generally much more appetising for dogs compared to dry food, as it closely resembles the fresh meat that dogs crave. A wet food option is great for picky eaters as an addition or alternative to dry food.

  • Adds hydration to your dog's meal, wet dog food has a higher moisture content compared to dry food. Some dogs do not drink adequate amounts of water and by giving your dog wet food, you are making sure your pet has the extra water for hydration throughout the day.
  • High-quality wet foods will use highly digestible meat as their main ingredient, making sure your pet is getting all of the nutrients in their balanced diet.
  • Wet food has a higher moisture content than dry food. This means that it can help your pets to feel fuller, promoting satiety. It is important for weight management for those dogs that can be greedy and show begging behaviours.
  • A wet food diet can be an excellent choice for your dog if you’re noticing that they are turning up their nose to dry food. Cesar Wet Dog Food comes in a variety of flavours that may be to your dog's liking, making it easier to find a meal that makes your best buddy light up.
  • Wet food is a better option for managing the weight of dogs than eating dry food alone. A wet diet offers a larger portion size with fewer calories, which is beneficial if you are trying to help manage your dog's weight.

Besides having to choose the best food for your pet with regard to his size and age, you also want to make sure that the food you feed him contains the best nutritional value. For that, you’ll have to decipher the label on the food. Follow this link to assist with decoding pet food labels.