Cat Bed by Akwa

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With this specific range of cat beds, the Akwa Camper Foam Cat Bed is perfect for your cat

When life gets too overwhelming, your cat wants a place that feels safe and secure. Covered beds provide the perfect sanctuary for cats.

The Akwa Camper Foam Cat Bet is a trendy, safe and comfortable home for your cat. it offers them comfort as well as security with its foam material that cradles their body to provide an ideal position anywhere they sleep!

Its is important to give your cat the best rest possible so they can stay healthy and happy. Cazy cat beds are an excellent way for you as their owner, or even just someone with one in your home - because let's face it: who doestn't love cats?! You'll be glad that we mentioning this when our favorite feline starts showing signs of not getting enough sleep due to either disrupted slimber patterns (Kittens)and/or lack thereof throughout adulthood

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Why should trust AKWA brand?

Akwa is a company that has been around since 1991. They started out as an animal lover's favorite, with many of their products being trusted brands found in both large and small pet stores across Southern Africa today! With so much experience under its belt for over 30 years now - it will be hard not to find something you need from this trustworthy business

AKWA provides quality goods made at our own factory along side imported specialty items from Europe or China which give us even more options when caring properly takes your fancy . A dedicated production team ensures all orders ship quickly while also providing friendly customer service should there ever arise any problems.

We have a strong focus on quality and affordability. Our services include textile manufacturing, plastic moulding of chemicals that help maintain the hygiene in homes for all mammals from cats to dogs as well fishes etc., we also provide labels which is an essential part when Read More

it comes down selling product. We make sure our customers' needs are met fast and efficiently with the utmost care. We offer friendly service if anything goes wrong, which probability will never happen because of how dedicated we work as a team!

We believe that pets are a part of the family, so we work hard to make sure they have everything needed for their happy lives.

We offer affordable goods with high-quality materials and innovative designs which will keep your furry friend healthy!

5 helpful tips to finding the right bed for your cat

There's nothing worse than finding the perfect bed for your cat and then discovering they don't like it. Luckily, below are some tips on how to find a cozy spot in order so that you can both be happy!

-Start by laying out a clump of blankets in an unoccupied space to create your cat's new bed. Cats like soft surfaces, so this will feel just right for them!

-Place the cat’s favorite (or most used) toys around the blanket. This is an easy way to make them feel at home.

-Rummage through your closet and see if there is anything that smells like you or your pet. If they’re hesitant about entering, this might entice them to want to explore further.

-Find out what kind of nesting material your cat prefers, then purchase similar materials to create their own little fort or cave in their new bed with these materials.

Why should you purchase Akwa Camper foam cat bed?

Experts say that one of the reasons cats like sleeping in enclosed spaces is because it makes them feel safer. In nature, when they're threatened or vulnerable animals will huddle together and use whatever protection there may be available to seek safety from predators—a instinct which has been inherited by our domestic kitty! Providing your pet with her very own designated bed not only gives you an extra place for restful hours - but helps strengthen their feeling of being safe and loved.