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Igloo Dog Kennel By Accelerate Design 

Igloo Dog Kennel by Accelerate Design has proven itself as the leader in the rotational moulding industry. Offering unique, innovative and high-quality products in the canine industry...

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Igloo Dog Kennel By Accelerate Design 

Accelerate Design has proven itself as the leader in the rotational moulding industry. Our products are unique, innovative and of high quality for your pets. Accelerate Design is one of the longest-running manufacturers of dog kennels in South Africa. Accelerate Design manufactures their rotational moulding industry products from high-quality UV stabilised polyethylene, a product that is FDA approved and safe for dogs to chew on, meaning your best buddy is safe from any harmful toxins they might be chewing on.Learn More

Nothing destroys plastic-like ultraviolet rays from the sun do, UV treated polyethylene is protected from sun damage by a UV additive that coats the polyethylene material. This helps your dog's kennel to last longer when exposed to the sun or other weather conditions.

The green igloo dog kennel is a one-piece waterproof mould that is hygienic, these kennels can be cleaned, disinfected and are very long-lasting. The Igloo kennels come in various sizes, suitable for all breeds of dogs.

A kennel that is outdoors can offer your pup a safe, secure and enclosed space while still having plenty of room to enjoy nature. Your best buddy will be able to relax outside and have a safe space to go to when they need a shaded area or when they need their alone time. Being in nature is beneficial for your dog's health. Exposure to soil supports immune tolerance and stress resilience, so not only is being outside in nature physically beneficial, but it is also mentally beneficial for your pup.

Igloo dog kennels are designed to withstand freezing temperatures, but when there are severe weather conditions, you should keep your pet inside when possible. The igloo dog kennels are designed to keep your pup warm in the colder winter months, the rounded igloo dome and elongated tunnel entrance allow for your pup to stay warm, utilising their own body heat.

The igloo dog kennel provides a shaded area for your best buddy on hotter summer days, but you should look for when the temperatures reach a boiling point so your pet doesn't get too hot. You should always ensure that your pet has access to fresh and clean drinking water to avoid dehydration. Remember, you should try and keep your dog's water bowl in a shaded area where possible and always make sure the water they are drinking is clean and fresh.

How to clean your dog's igloo kennel:

  1. To clean your dog's igloo kennel you first need to remove any bedding and toys which make the kennel comfortable for your pup. Run these through a washing machine or hand wash the items to remove any dirt or smells.
  2. Sweep any dust or excess hair out of the kennel because when they start to decompose, they can cause bacteria to develop, which you do not want.
  3. Measure out and pour detergent into a bucket and add water to dilute the cleaning solution. Scrub the floor and the interior of your dog house, making sure you clean every corner.
  4. Allow your cleaning solution to sit in the dog kennel for about 10 minutes before you rinse all of the cleaning solutions out of your dog's house with clean water. You can even turn the igloo dog kennel upside down, allowing for any excess water to drain out.
  5. Once the dog kennel is dry, add back in your dog's clean bedding, blankets and toys and watch your best buddy love his clean and fresh outside shelter.

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