Time To Hit The Shops

What You Need To Buy For The New Dog Or Cat

Before your new ball of fur arrives at home, you need to ensure that you have all the essential, and sometimes nice-to-have, items ready. We’ve compiled this shopping list for you to make life a little easier.

Time To Hit The Shops

December 24, 2018

Essential Items

Bedding – A soft and easily cleanable bed and blankets. Each pet should have his own bed and blankets. Have more than one blanket in case he has an accident during the night.

Food – Start with the breeder’s food. Check with the vet when to change his diet.

Treats – To reward your puppy or kitten for good behaviour.

Bowls – A non-slip food bowl and two or three water bowls that won’t tip over easily.

Toys – Choose durable toys without any parts that can be chewed off and possibly become a choking hazard.

Scratch post – Every cat needs her own scratch post.

Training pads or litterboxes – Puppies need training pads to absorb and seal in liquid to protect the floor. Kittens need a litterbox and sand, and remember, each cat needs her own litterbox.

Collar and lead – Wait until your puppy or kitten arrives to get a size that fits properly.

Name tag – Add a name tag to his collar, even if he is microchipped.

Travelling gear – A crate is ideal for puppies and kittens for when you plan to travel.

Grooming equipment – Shampoo, conditioner, soft bristle brush, nail clippers, animal toothbrush and toothpaste, and dental treats.

Parasite control – A tick and flea programme and deworming products.

Playing area – Playpen or baby gate.

First aid kit – With the essential items for animal use.

Plan Ahead

By planning ahead, doing your reaserach and going shopping before puppy or kitten arrives, you won’t be stressed out to buy at the first opportunity. This means that you will have time to shop around to find the cutest and most affordable items. Choose a well appointed and well stocked shop that has knowledgable staff to assit you with your purchases, like the Family Pet Centre.  Don’t forget to visit the online store http://www.familypetcentre.co.za/


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