Say No To Ticks

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Say yay to warmer weather, but a definite no to ticks in spring. To keep your dog tick-free you will need more than a once-off treatment – depending on the product you are using. Dipping and tick and flea shampoos alone have no residual effect and are not sufficient to protect your pet from these parasites.

Say No To Ticks

September 10, 2018

Once A Month

If you are using a spot-on product, this should be applied strictly once a month – they are not effective when given every few months. If you are using a tablet or chews, consult the package insert, as some last for a month and others for three months. Speak to your vet for the best treatment for your dog and cat. Remember to never use dog products on cats, and don’t mix and combine products – it can cause an overdose.

Prevent Tick Bite Fever 

Tick bite fever is a life-threatening disease which your pet can die from, and it is not worth the risk of not having him protected. It is important to remember that these products are not a repellent, but will kill ticks on the animal.

When the tick bites, after a short period of time it will die and fall off. For the animal to get tick bite fever the tick needs to be on him for a few hours. Provided you are using the correct dose of product for your animal’s weight and at the right dosing interval, your cat or dog should be protected.

For more information on the prevention and treatment of ticks, speak to the resident vet at Family Pet Centre, where you will also find a range of over-the-counter products.


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