Prevent Fleas – Stop The Scratching Before It Starts

 For a Happy Dog Who is Flea Free

It is finally spring, and with the warmer weather, you might see a dramatic increase in fleas. Don’t wait for the scratching to start. If you haven’t treated your pets against fleas, do so now. There is a wide range of flea products available at Family Pet Centre to prevent and treat fleas. Here are some tips to keep in mind.


Prevent Fleas – Stop The Scratching Before It Starts

September 04, 2018

For Ticks or Fleas?

Not all tick and flea control products work in the same way. Some products are applied directly onto the animal, others are given as oral medications, and then there are collars. Different products work in different ways, depending on their active ingredient and method of application.

Also, not all products are effective against all parasites. Companies may develop a product for ticks or fleas, or both. Ticks are arthropods and fleas are insects, with different metabolic pathways and ways of reacting to molecules. Some molecules will kill ticks, but not fleas, while others will kill fleas, but not ticks. 

 More Tips

Helpful tips to keep in mind:

  • Never mix products on your animals. Mixing and combining products can cause an overdose. Also, don’t use dog products on cats, or cat products on dogs. Cats groom themselves and will digest the poisonous products.
  • When choosing an environmental spray, check with your veterinarian if it is compatible with the other products you use on your animals.
  • Treat your pets throughout the year – prevention is better than trying to deal with a serious infestation or sick animal.


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