Get His Swag Back

 Red-Carpet Grooming By Professionals

Have you ever noticed how special dogs feel when they have been pampered by a professional groomer? Just like us humans, they also feel special and pampered, putting the swag back into their step.

Get his swag back

October 08, 2018


Although there are benefits of home grooming, professional groomers add that extra touch to a grooming session with professional products and experience. They will pick up if there are any coat or skin problems and will treat it where they can. Sometimes they will notice something small that you might have missed that might lead to a serious situation, like a skin allergy. They will inform you of the problem, give you professional advice or refer you to a vet.

Coat Treatments

Taking care of some dogs’ coats can be challenging and time consuming – for instance, an French poodle (Afghan is very scarce in SA) needs professional grooming to keep his coat in an ideal condition. There are so many different types of coats, and professional groomers are trained to deal with the challenges.

Excess coat, for example, can cause your dog to overheat easily and that can be dangerous. Regular grooming will also prevent the coat from matting, which can make it uncomfortable or even painful for the pet to move.

Whether your dog has a short, wiry, or silky coat or an under coat or waterproof coat that needs treatment, the rest of his body also needs attention. Some dogs, like Basset Hounds, have ears and eyes that need special cleaning, and the creases of a Pug’s face and eyes require regular cleaning as well. And of course, your dog needs a manicure to keep his nails in shape. Professional groomers know exactly how to take care of it all.

Time to Relax

While your dog gets pampered from snout to tail at Family Pet Centre’s grooming parlour, you will have some free time to spoil yourself as well. You can relax with a light lunch or coffee and some cake at the coffee shop that overlooks the grooming parlour. Or you might even get some shopping done while your pooch gets his swag back.

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