Destroy That Tick!

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Finding a tick on your pet after a walk in the park happens to most people, even if you have treated your pet against it. But don’t panic. Keep up with your preventative products and get rid of the tick as soon as possible, as these nasties can transmit diseases such as ehrlichiosis (tick bite fever), which can be fatal.

Destroy That Tick!

October 02, 2018


First of all, you need a pair of blunt medium tipped tweezers  . Open the fur of your pet’s coat and use the tweezers to pull the tick, very gently, upwards in a straight line. By using slow, steady movements you’ll remove the entire tick. You don’t want the mouth of the tick to break off and stay behind, as this piece of the tick usually causes disease.

Once the tick is removed, you need to clean the area with antiseptic solution, wash your hands well and sterilise the tweezers.

Killing the tick

Many people believe that you can simply throw the tick down the toilet, but this is not a good idea, as the tick can survive and live somewhere else. The best idea is to either burn the tick or drop it in a small container with surgical spirits or alcohol. Never handle or remove the tick with your fingers, as the squeeze may result in injecting infectious material into your pet’s bloodstream.

If you are concerned about the tick bite, take your pet to the vet or the resident vet at Family Pet Centre.

Prevention is still better than cure

There are a variety of products available on the market, and at Family Pet Centre, to prevent and treat your pet against ticks. These products include:

  • Tick and flea shampoo – lasts about one week
  • Powders – last up to one week
  • Spot-on products – last about 30 days
  • Oral medication – lasts much longer 30 days or 3 months depending on the product
  • Collars – work for up to eight months

The best idea is to speak to your vet for the programme that is ideal for your pet.

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