Basic Needs of Small Pets

Keeping Them Happy and Healthy

Just because they are small, doesn’t mean that pets like hamsters, bunnies, rats, mice, guinea pigs, gerbils and chinchillas need less attention, love and care. There are a couple of things that you should do to ensure that they are happy and healthy pets.

Basic Needs of Small Pets

January 09, 2019


Apart from being played with on a regular basis, these small pets should also be housed adequately, so that they won’t escape or feel trapped in a cage. Before choosing the ideal house for your pet, consider his adult size. Small mice can live in a smaller cage than a hamster or guinea pig, but rabbits need a good-sized hutch – as large as possible. Keep in mind that small animals like rabbits need space where they can run.

Unique Residence


A glass aquarium is ideal for a pet rat, as it will protect him from draughts, and from cats and dogs. Make sure the aquarium has a secure lid, as you don’t want your intelligent rat to escape.


A gerbilarium is the best home for a gerbil. It consists of two storeys, with the top storey being a wire cage and the bottom storey a plastic or glass tank filled with substrate and connected with ladders or tubes.

Jungle Gym Cages:

Hamsters need special cages with various levels and connecting tunnels to provide them with plenty of hiding places and opportunities for exercise.

Extra Hiding Places:

You can purchase plastic logs, small plastic houses and other cosy nests for small pets to hide from the rest of the world when they want to.

Zigzag Tubes:

A variety of different modular tunnels, tubes and high nesting areas provide an additional surface area for your pet to run and hide in.


A playpen is a safe place for your pet to play outside of his cage. Never leave your pet unattended in the playpen.

Keep it clean

Housekeeping is as important to your pet’s health as it is to yours. Clean your pet’s cage at least once each week, with a daily check for soiled bedding and uneaten fruit and vegetables.

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