A Sparkling Clean Home is Possible

7 Ways to Keep a House With Pets Hygienic

It is possible to have happy pets, a family and a hygienic home – all in the interest of healthy people and pets.

A Sparkling Clean Home is Possible

January 07, 2019

1. Know Your Breed

Some breeds are known for drooling, while others shed loads of hair. Learning as much as you can about your breed can help you anticipate certain situations.

2. Get Smart About Parasites

Ticks and fleas in your home are a big no-no. For every flea you see, there are probably about 50 more hiding elsewhere. Start and maintain a regular tick and flea control program. Declare war on parasites before they take over your pet and your home. There are various products that can assist you – have a look on http://www.familypetcentre.co.za/.

3. Deal With Dirt at the Door

After walks or playtime in the garden, take a moment to brush down your dog to remove trapped debris in the coat. You can also wash down paws.

4. Brush up on Grooming

Keep your dog as clean as possible. How often you bath him will depend on his coat type and lifestyle. Start a daily brushing routine to prevent debris from sticking to his coat and remove loose hair.

5. Handle Hair

Some breeds don’t shed at all, while others shed throughout the year. Dealing with pet hair on clothes and furniture can be difficult for the house-proud pet owner. A simple sticky lint-roller works like magic to remove hair from clothing and carpets.

Invest in a quality vacuum cleaner, designed to deal with pet hair, and try to vacuum your home at least every other day.

6. Accidents

While you are house-training your puppy, he may have a few accidents. Puppy training pads work well to soak up urine, so that it does not penetrate through to the carpets or wood flooring below. Wipe down the area with water and soap, but avoid cleaning products that contain ammonia, as this smells like urine and puppy may go back and use the same spot again.

Poop accidents should be cleaned up immediately. Practice good hygiene by cleaning up stools every day. This will help to cut down on the number of flies in your garden.

7. Washing Pet Linen

To prevent unnecessary odours, regularly wash your pet’s bedding. Have an assortment of blankets, so that you always have a set of clean bedding on hand while another set gets washed.



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