Dophin Canister Filter - CF300 Mini

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Canister filter: Dophin CF300 Mini - the ultimate filtration system for your tank.  The best canister filter in South Africa.

If you're looking for an effective yet simple biological filtration system for your tank or aquarium, congratulations! Introducing the Dophin CF300, an ideal filter that's suited for up to 82 litre tanks...

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Canister Filter: Dophin CF300 Mini


This external system is ideal for plant tanks, marine aquariums along with medium or small tanks, as well as shrimp aquariums. The filter is well-suited to both freshwater and sea water tanks. It's optimal flow rate is 410 litres per hour.  Learn More

Considerably one of the more efficient filter systems, the Dophin CF300 mini is self-priming and portable. It also features a four-point safety lock system in order to prevent any water leakage. The product is streamlined and unique in its design and is known for its reliability.

The product is easy to disconnect, making it ideal for those who are new to using maintenance systems for their tanks. The filter design is also adaptable, allowing for an easier and more user-friendly method of operation.

The filter media is a high-quality, sponge material. The system, however, is also able to make use of a bio-ball black sponge. The medium requires little effort to take out and clean.

It is also effortless to exchange. When looking at the simplicity of this filter system, it's impressive to see just how versatile it can be.

Additionally, this external filtration system comes with a hose, a hang-on accessory as well as coming enclosed with an automatic exhaust tube.

Discussing it's efficiency, the system is equipped with a renewable charcoal block filter chamber - which is portable and easy to clean. The Dophin makes use of the entire canister volume and requires less energy consumption. In turn, this device provides the user with longer application.

Another subtle and prominent feature of the Dophin is that it generates a relatively low amount of noise. It also happens to be a more eco-friendly alternative to most filtration systems. The renewable cartridge feature is an additional bonus.

It's often described as a 'powerful external canister' - another benefit when considering the Dophin's compact size. Considering that this filter is lightweight as well, it can be said that this system is an all-rounder.

This fish tank filter is one of the most popular external systems chosen when it comes to tank cleaning and aquatic maintenance. It is recommended for experts and beginners alike as it is one of the easiest ways to keep your at-home aquarium clean and functional.

If you're looking to start up a DIY fish tank at home, this filtration system is an essential. Not only is it an affordable canister, its also simple and straightforward to operate. This makes it an ideal tool to learn how to manage your aquarium.

The Dophin ensures that you won't find it hard to maintain your fish tank. This system is guaranteed to create an environment in which your fish will be happy and healthy. The intake functions routinely after initial set up, therefore making your aquarium care routine simple and effortless.

Its not only the perfect device for anyone who wants to keep their fish tank clean consistently. It also ranks as one of the must-haves for beginners learning how to take care of an aquarium - at home or professionally. You're sure to find this item listed on any beginner's guide for fish keeping.

As far as filtration canisters go, this filter is affordable as well as functional. The device, as described on the original packaging, is a compact, efficient and durable filtration system.

Dophin filtration systems are held in high-regard among professionals and expert aquatic caretakers, being cited as reliable and easy to use. Our store features other Dophin filters that may better suit your tank's specifications. All of our Dophin products are suitable for all water compositions - freshwater and salt water included.

As mentioned, this filter is suitable for fish, shrimp as well as aquatic plants. It is completely safe for the marine life that inhabits any tank and will keep their environments at optimum bacterial and pH levels.

Easy to optimise, easy to clean and easy to maintain - the Dophin CF300 mini canister is your go-to filter system for all your aquarium and tank needs.

The diameters of this product are as follows: 28 x 15 x 19 cm.

The weight of this product is 1.2kg.

Dophin CF300 Powerful External Canister Filter for all fresh marine and Nano aquariums.

It's a self-priming system and is a quick and easy disconnect system. This canister filter is suitable for freshwater and saltwater. It's well suited for an 82-litre tank and has a mechanical and biological system.

The tap system is manufactured in one unit as an easy disconnect system, for mess-free removal of the taps to facilitate easy maintenance of the canister and filter media and the unit is fitted with a priming port for easy, hassle-free start-up