Your Cat Should Eat Like a Queen

7 Tips For Feeding Your Cat

Cats are notoriously finicky creatures. Your cat can also be quite a snob when it comes to her food and water and will easily turn up her nose when something is not to her liking. These guidelines will help you to keep her healthy and content.

Your Cat Should Eat Like a Queen

April 30, 2019

1. Clean Bowl

You wouldn’t want to eat from a dirty plate with leftover food, so why should your cat eat from a dirty bowl? If you clean it after every meal less bacteria will form and your fussy feline might just enjoy her food more.

2. Big Enough Bowl

Don’t only consider the size of your cat’s mouth when you buy a new food dish, think of her whiskers too. Your cat’s whiskers are extremely sensitive and if there is not enough space for her whiskers to fit into the bowl as well, she might avoid using the bowl. One sign that the bowl is too small is when your cat uses her paw to get the food out of the bowl. Ask our Family Pet Centre staff for more information.

3. One Bowl Each

If you have more than one cat, feed each cat separately. This will allow them to eat at their own pace and will make it easier for you to notice if one of the cats are suffering from a possible appetite problem.

4. Enough Food

Don’t feed your cat more than she can eat in one sitting. The label on the packaging will indicate how much your cat is supposed to eat. If she wants more food, or is not eating the required amount, speak to your vet. Watch her weight to see if she’s losing or picking up weight, and discuss this with your vet.

5. Water

Fresh water served in a clean bowl is more appetising for cats who are naturally not inclined to drink water. Considering that in the wild cats get most of their moisture from their prey, it is important to

ensure that your cat drinks enough water – especially if she is fed a kibble diet. A good idea is to invest in a water fountain for cats, as they prefer running water. See our range available instore or online at

6. No Milk

Cats are lactose intolerant and their bodies can’t digest milk. Although people used to give their cats milk to drink, it has become clear that milk is bad for cats. You are not doing her any favours by giving her milk to drink.

7. Fresh Food

Be aware what you feed your cat and make sure that it is fresh. Ensure that the food hasn’t expired and don’t feed her any leftover food from a previous meal. 


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