Your Cat And Her Litterbox Issues

3 Answers to Common Questions

Cats are very particular about their toileting habits, and ignoring this can lead to issues like litterbox avoidance, inappropriate elimination, conflict between cats and even health problems such as bladder infections. Guaranteeing your cat a safe, clean and suitable litterbox is crucial for her mental and physical well-being.

Your Cat And Her Litterbox Issues

April 08, 2019

What Kind of Box Would my Cat Prefer?

Litterboxes should be low enough for your cat to walk into easily. Very young, old or infirm cats may struggle to get into a box that has high sides – in which case, they will find an easier spot for toileting which you may not appreciate. The box should be wide enough to allow your cat to manoeuvre and scratch in; no one likes a toilet that’s too small. Although they appeal to us, closed litterboxes with swing doors are not attractive to many cats. A cat is naturally vulnerable when toileting, and a confined space where she cannot view the environment may make her feel insecure. So for most cats, a large, shallow and uncovered litterbox is ideal.

How many Boxes Should be Available?

The general rule is that there should be one litterbox per cat plus an extra one. So if you have one cat, two litterboxes are necessary. It’s important, especially in multi-cat households, to provide plenty of options. Insufficient litterboxes can result in tension between cats, and in more extreme cases, a cat may actively prevent her companions from using the litterbox. Multiple options ensure that your cats can make choices depending on their needs. The more choices available to an animal, the more relaxed and secure she will feel, particularly when it comes to an essential daily routine.

How Often Should I Change the Litter and Clean the Box?

Cats don’t like a dirty toilet (who does?). Irregularly cleaned litterboxes are a common culprit when it comes to cats eliminating in unsuitable areas. A litterbox should be scooped out daily to remove solid matter, and thoroughly cleaned at least once a week.


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