Stay Active In Winter

An Active Dog Is A Healthy Dog

Just because you’re cold and your dog hides under the blankets with you, doesn’t mean that you should become a couch potato. While you will benefit from keeping active in winter, your dog will also stay healthy.

Stay Active In Winter

June 07, 2019


It is critical to keep your dog fit throughout the year, even in winter, to prevent any injuries from happening and to increase your dog’s lifespan. You can build up his muscle and ligament strength by doing a sport such as agility, flyball or any endurance sport.

A Walk

If you don’t see yourself and your dog partaking in sport, at least take him for a walk. You can walk your dog on a leash around the block or to the park. It is best to do this during the warmer times of the day, such as earlier in the afternoon. Early mornings and late afternoons might be too cold for your dog.

You have to keep his feet in mind as well – don’t walk on icy surfaces, such as frosted grass in winter. Remember, your dog also feels the cold.

Be Creative

When walking your dog is not an option, think of creative ways to keep your dog active. For instance, play games with him during the warmer part of the day – there is a variety to choose from, such as fetch, tug-of-war, hide-and-seek, and frisbee. The May and June issues of Animaltalk [insert link to] magazine feature articles that explain how to play these games, or download your free guide from .

Another form of entertainment is to teach your dog to do various things on cue. Not only will you keep him active, but you will also stimulate his mind. If he can’t do so already, you can, for instance, teach him to sit or lie down.

Your Choice

The onus is on you, the responsible pet owner, to ensure that your dog stays active and healthy during the winter months. Instead of thinking of excuses why you can’t do it, think of creative ideas that you can do.


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