Should My Dog Wear A Collar?

What To Keep In Mind

Have you ever stood in the shop in front of all the collars and leads and wonder whether it is necessary for your dog to wear a collar? At the end of the day, it is a personal choice, and it also depends on your dog. While one dog doesn’t mind wearing a collar, the next dog might be very uncomfortable with one.

Should My Dog Wear A Collar?

September 04, 2019

Wearing A Collar

The main reason for your dog to wear a collar all the time is that it can be used for identification – the collar must have a name tag with your contact details, should your dog get lost (ensure that your dog is microchipped as well). The downside to wearing a collar is that the dog could get himself stuck somewhere – this has occurred before, leading to injuries. You will have to evaluate your dog’s living conditions to determine where he would be most at risk and make your decision accordingly.

Family Pet Centre has a big variety of collars to choose from in-store and online.

Ask your vet or a shop assistant for more advice about the right collar for your dog.

Ban The Choke Chain

The choke chain is another option that is still used fairly regularly. However, this is not acceptable under any circumstances. The choke chain works by tightening around your dog’s neck every time he pulls. The dog has to stop pulling in order to lessen the pressure around his neck. And yes, this might work to reduce pulling. But what is actually happening is that the dog is just trying to avoid the pain and discomfort; he is not learning anything. Should you ever see a dog being walked on a choke chain, look at his body language – chances are you won’t be seeing a happy, bouncy dog enjoying his walk. A lot can go wrong when you use this equipment, including:

  • A variety of injuries and medical problems. Choke chains are more dangerous than normal flat collars when they get caught on something.
  • The dog might develop a fear of having something around his neck. Now, what happens if your dog gets lost, someone finds him and tries to put a collar around his neck to manage him easier? He might bolt and miss out on a chance to be rescued.
  • If it hurts the dog, he might bite... And then get punished for biting. This is very unfair, as this is simply a dog’s way of trying to protect himself.


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