Save Your Pet With Medical Insurance

It’s Crucial For Every Pet Owner

Every responsible pet owner should consider getting medical pet insurance, because veterinary expenses are increasing, and it would be devastating to think that affordability is getting in the way of giving your pets the basic care they need.

Save Your Pet With Medical Insurance

November 21, 2018

Pet insurance is protection against the financial burden of unexpected or emergency veterinary expenses by paying a monthly premium to an insurer who agrees to bear the risk on your behalf. There are many reasons why pet insurance is so crucial.

Consider a scenario where your dog or cat is presenting symptoms of a rare condition that a vet cannot treat without an expensive test or scan. By leaning on an insurance company for help with the associated costs of these scans, vets can take steps toward exploring new techniques and procedures that will enhance veterinary science.

What To Keep In Mind

Make sure that your cover is not subject to unreasonable exclusions, sub-limits or excesses. The last thing you need is the nasty shock that your pet’s illness or injury has been excluded from your policy cover when you put in a claim. Do thorough research. There are many companies out there jumping on the pet insurance bandwagon, but offering sub-par cover. Also, make sure the premium you are paying is justified for the cover you get. Does your policy offer third-party cover for when your pet injures someone else, for instance? Look at those details and make the call based on objective information.

Different Plans

There are many options depending on your budget, but generally one should start off with Accidental Cover, which is usually the more affordable option. This mainly covers accidents (should your pet get injured, for instance) and third-party damage (if your pet damages a neighbour's property). The more expensive and comprehensive cover options will cover routine care, illness cover for diseases such as cancer or diabetes, as well as the more complex covers for dentistry and the like. These days, there is something for everyone, from the rescued mix breed to the pedigree Pekingese.


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