Preparing for Winter

What You Need To Keep Your Pets Warm

The nights are definitely getting colder, while the days are still warm, but don’t get caught by surprise. Make sure that you have what you need to keep your pets cosy this winter, and check that everything is still intact and working the way it should.

Preparing for Winter

May 26, 2020

1.Sleep Inside

If you don’t want to sleep outside in the cold, why let your pets sleep out in the cold? Rather let your pets sleep inside the house, where you can keep an eye on them. Whether he is a dog, cat or other furry pet, ensure that his bed is in a warm room, away from any drafts.

2. Warm, Cosy Bed

The smaller your dog and the shorter his coat, the more protection he needs from the cold. Make sure that his bed is warm and cosy. In general, cats need more heat to stay warm, and therefore a cave-type bed is ideal for them. This way, they stay warmer and can hide away as well. Don’t forget a blanket under which your pet can snuggle. The ideal is to have more than one blanket for each pet.

3. Grooming 

It goes without saying that a dog with a long coat should not be trimmed to a summer cut during the winter months. Dogs need their coats to protect them against the cold temperatures. If you make use of a professional groomer, ensure that they understand that you’d like a winter trim.

4. Jackets for Dogs

Keep your small dog warm with a jacket when it is cold, especially if he has a short coat. But don’t force your dog to wear any restrictive or ‘human’ clothing, or wear any kind of jersey, if he doesn’t want to.

5. Drinking Water

Make sure there is enough drinking water for your pets inside the house. Ideally, have multiple bowls. Outside bowls should be filled with clean, freshwater in the morning, as the water in them may get too cold, or even freeze, overnight. 

6. Toys for Playing Inside

Your dog can still be active in the cold if you provide him with toys that he can play with inside the house, or play games such as hide-and-seek with him.

7. Cage Covers

Pets who spend some of their time in crates/cages, like birds, hamsters and rats, should also get protection against the cold. Move the crate to a warmer room, away from any drafts, and cover the crate at night. This will help them stay warm.

 Stay Warm

Ultimately, it is your responsibility as a pet owner to ensure that your pet is kept warm during the winter months. Stock up on any items that your pet might need from Family Pet Centre in Centurion or Fourways, or shop online at

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