Oh No! Not Shedding Again!

6 Tips to Manage your Cat’s Shedding

As a cat owner, you might know the frustrations of having hair all over the house. But whether your cat has long or short hair, shedding is normal. These tips will help you cope.

Oh No! Not Shedding Again!

March 12, 2019

1. See The Vet

When your cat sheds more than normal or if she has bald patches on her coat, you should consult the vet. Abnormal shedding can be due to various factors, such as stress, poor nutrition, abnormal hormones or even parasites.

2. Quality Food

If your cat’s coat is healthy and shiny, chances of excessive shedding are less. You can attain this by ensuring that she has access to and drinks enough fresh water, and that her food contains the necessary minerals and amino acids, particularly fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6.

3. Regular Brushing

By brushing her hair on a daily basis, you will get rid of all the excess hair before it ends up on the couch or your black pants. Although it will not stop all the hair from gathering, there will be less hair for you to clean up.

4. Protect The Furniture

You can protect your most valued furniture during the time of her excess shedding with a throw or other material if you don’t want your cat’s hair to ‘decorate’ the couch. If you don’t want cat hair in a specific area of the house, consider blocking access to that area.

5. Vacuum, Vacuum

The most obvious choice to get rid of the hair is to vacuum all the carpets and couches on a daily basis. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner designed to clean pet hair. Also ensure that you have many lint rollers to clean all sorts of fabric, or use a damp towel to rub a specific area.

6. Just Love Her

When a cat is the proud owner of your home, you will have to accept that there will always be some shedding. Embrace this ‘marking’ of your cat and show other people that you are a proud cat owner – within limits, of course.



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