Koi Fish In Winter

Koi Fish can endure most weather conditions. Read on as Family Pet Centre gives helpful advice on caring for your koi fish in winter.

Koi Fish In Winter

June 25, 2019

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Koi Pond Cleaning

Koi Fish captured in a pond

The behaviour of koi fish is influenced by the colder temperatures of winter, as they tend to slow down or enter a hibernation state. When the temperature is less than 8°C, they generally swim slowly or stay at the bottom of the pond.

  • Consequently, it is important to take certain precautions, such as removing any fallen leaves or debris from the pond to prevent harmful bacteria from attaching to the koi. Also, make use of a pond net to scoop out any debris in the pond.
  • Always keep a watchful eye on the water temperature.
  • Regular cleaning of the pump basket is necessary to avoid blockages caused by fallen leaves.
  • Additionally, turning off any venturi or waterfalls into the pond when the temperature drops below 8°C is advisable to prevent further cooling of the water.
  • Removing any air stones is recommended.
  • Make use of an aerator or air pump to aerate the pond. The pond could become stagnant in winter due to a lack of oxygen.
  • Lastly, cover the pond. This assists in preventing leaves and debris from falling inside.

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Koi Fish captured in a pond

Koi Feeding

Koi Fish captured in a pond

Here are some helpful hints on what to feed your koi fish during the winter months:

  • As the water temperature drops, it's important to decrease the feeding of your koi gradually and stop feeding completely when the temperature falls below 4°C.
  • Koi do not have a stomach but a long intestine, and feeding them during hibernation in cold temperatures can lead to internal bacterial issues as the food cannot be digested properly.
  • Additionally, the food should be consumed within 30 minutes, depending on the water temperature, and feeding can be reduced to once a day or even once every two days.
  • It is advised to feed your koi a specialized diet that is low in protein and high in carbohydrates during winter. This will assist them, especially with their reduced metabolic rate.
  • A specialized diet will also serve as a great support to the fish’s immune system.

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Koi Fish captured in a pond.3

Koi Fish Care

Koi Fish captured in a pond.4

Family Pet Centre has additional tips on caring for your koi fish during those cold months:

  • When the water temperature falls below 2°C, it becomes crucial for the koi as ice can form inside their gill membrane, which is akin to their lungs. In this situation, it is recommended that you add 10% fresh water to raise the temperature of the water slightly.
  • During winter, it's possible for the pond's surface to freeze, with the koi staying at the bottom where the water is warmer. Don't worry if this happens as they are comfortable in this situation.
  • Test the quality of the water regularly to ensure that it remains in a healthy range.
  • Insulating the pond is a wonderful idea to ensure that the water temperature does not drop too low.

Monitor your koi fish closely for signs of unusual behaviour and lethargy. Seek veterinary advice if needed. Family Pet Centre offers an in-house Veterinary Clinic which is of great convenience to our customers who require assistance for their pets.

Koi Fish captured in a pond.5

Family Pet Centre have a range of items available to help you take care of your koi fish. Have a look at our extensive range here. We also have several stores around the country, so why not pay us a visit or contact us for additional information on how to get your koi fish through the difficult months?

Koi Fish FAQs

What makes koi fish so interesting?

Their intellect. Koi Fish have the ability to be trained and can even recognize their owners.

What should I know in advance about caring for koi fish?

Your biggest priority should be ensuring that the water in the pond is sufficiently aerated and clean.

Do koi fish prefer sunlight or shade?

It is advised that you cover your pond, as koi fish can endure a few hours of direct sunlight every day.

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