How to Stop your Cat from Scratching Furniture

As any cat owner is probably well-aware of, cats like to scratch. Cats scratch and gnaw at anything they feel is deserving of being claimed ‘theirs’. Scratching is a cat’s way of saying ‘I live here, this is my territory’. However, torn-up furniture and clothes might not be your favourite way of your cat making themselves at home. So, we’ve compiled a list of ways to keep your cat from scratching your furniture

How to Stop your Cat from Scratching Furniture

April 20, 2018

Step One to Stop your Cat from Scratching Furniture: Claw to the Top

Getting a scratching post might seem like an obvious first choice, however, once you’ve surprised your furry friend with a scratching post as a (very) late Christmas gift, how do you get them to move from furniture to the post?

Cats are stubborn and once they have claimed something as ’theirs’, asking them politely to stop – won’t do the trick. Here are a few things you can try to encourage your cat from scratching his new scratching post.

How to get your Cat to Use the Scratching Post.

1. Tip One: Try a Positive Approach

A good way to approach the situation is to positively encourage your cat to scratch this post, instead of forcing your cat to stop scratching altogether. Give your cat a treat after the first few scratches on the pole.

2. Tip Two: Catnip

Scent your scratching post with catnip or feline pheromone spray, intriguing your kitty to investigate further.

3. Tip Three: Placement

Strategically place your scratching post somewhere where your cat is likely to be, or where he usually feels inclined to climb and scratch.

4. Tip Four: Decorate

Place toys and your cat’s favourite things on the scratching post to make it more inviting for your cat to scratch.

5. Tip Five: Redecorate

In desperate times, make the rest of your furniture look unappealing to the feline eye. Cover it with either plastic or double-sided tape. Place a scratching post next to these objects as a “safe-space” where they are allowed to let go of all their frustrations.

Step Two to Stop Your Cat from Scratching Furniture: Maintenance

Clip your cat’s nails frequently to ensure their nails are healthy and void of any frayed or worn-out nails, so they don’t feel the urge to scratch as often. You can bring your cat to the groomer of veterinarian for a nail trim.

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