Happy Indoor Kitty

How to Keep Your Cat Safe Indoors

Cats are very effective hunters and giving them a chance to play out their predatory motor pattern is extremely rewarding for them. Normally, this type of behaviour would happen outside. In recent years, there has been a definite swing towards keeping our cats indoors, due to several potential perils, such as traffic, other cats in the area and the resultant fighting, or diseases they may contract from unvaccinated cats, to name a few.

Happy Indoor Kitty

November 18, 2019

Miracle Herb

Catnip may help to keep her happy. Spread some dried catnip on her toys or scratch post, or on the floor of certain areas of the house, and see if she likes it – if she does, she will roll in it and may even eat some.

Closed Windows

Make sure all the windows in the house are securely closed. It would be great if she can look out at her world through the windows – and if the sunshine comes in there, all the better – so that she can catnap on the windowsill. Fitting your windows with fly screens is a good way of being able to have fresh air in the house while ensuring that your cat can’t get out.

Stimulate Her Senses

For her to be a happy indoor cat, you do need to provide her with things to do to replace the lack of hunting opportunities. Cats enjoy different elevations and putting up some shelves for her to walk and sit on to survey her territory, can even become a décor feature! Or get a high cat stand so she can choose where she wants to lie. Family Pet Centre has a wide variety to choose from in-store and online.

Chasing Game

Cats also love things to chase – so toys like ping-pong-size sponge balls and feather toys make for great chasing games. The whole idea with all these things is to make being inside more fun than being outside.


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