Activate Your Cat’s Senses

Stalk, Catch, and Pounce – Toys to Stimulate Her Mind

Cats are born hunters and their natural instincts are to stalk, catch, pounce and kill prey. Cats are also curious creatures and movement will catch their attention. So, why not let your cat feast her senses on toys that will let her spirit free? While some toys can be expensive, the simplest of object can also satisfy your cat’s need to play.

Activate Your Cat’s Senses

February 12, 2019

Multiple Toys

Your cat might get bored easily if she has only one toy to play with. Therefore you should offer her a variety of toys. Before you venture into the store, know what your budget will allow, because you can become so intrigued with all the toys on offer that you may overspend. Don’t be afraid to ask the shop assistant in store for help.

Must-Have Toys for Cats

Toys with feathers 

These toys have interesting feathers on both ends and an area in the middle that will handle your cat’s claws.

Small toy with ribbons and feathers 

Your cat’s curiosity and playfulness will be satisfied with the soft ribbons and feathers.

Plastic balls with bells and feathers 

The ringing of the bell in the ball and the way the ball rolls with the feathers will definitely draw your cat’s attention. She will most probably ‘hunt’ the ball and feathers by herself.

Sticks with soft toys 

This toy will encourage your cat to jump into the air to catch the soft toys at the end of the stick. Don’t use this toy if your cat has any health issues that doesn’t allow her to jump.

Nice-to-Have Toys

Various electronic toys that offer different features are available on the market these days that range from affordable to really expensive. It all depends on what you can afford and what your cat likes.

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