5 Tips When Bringing a New Kitten Home

Bringing a new kitten home is a big transition not only for your own family but your new kitten as well. The tiny ball of fluff is going to be overwhelmed, finding himself in a new and strange place. It’s up to you to make the move as easy and comfortable as possible. Luckily, we’ve got some tips on how to prepare for bringing a new kitten to your home.

5 Tips When Bringing a New Kitten Home

July 20, 2018

1. Kitten Tip One: Selecting the Right Cat at the Right Time

Cats show affection by purring and rubbing against their favourite human, whereas if your dog wants to show his affection – it will be a lot less subtle. Cats have their own unique personalities, and it’s super important that you choose the cat that best fits your lifestyle. Generally, kittens are adopted around six weeks old, allowing them a few extra weeks with their mom. In doing this, it also gives them time to learn acceptable behavior from interacting with their mom and siblings. So, we would recommend that you adopt a kitten when they are around 10 – 12 weeks old. When selecting a cat, also be sure to keep the sex of your new feline friend in mind. Male cats, who have not been neutered, tend to be more territorial and wandering outside the house.

2. Kitten Tip Two: Choosing the Right Diet

Kittens have various diets for their tiny growing bodies. It’s super important to supply your new kitten with the proper nutrition. Their growing bodies need more calories, fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals to meet all their developmental needs. The best way to make sure your kitten's tummy is happy and healthy is through multiple feedings of specially formulated kitten food during the day. The number of feedings can decrease as your kitten matures. Take a look at our range of Family Pet Centre Kitten Food here

3. Kitten Tip Three: Prepare for Playtime

For a kitten to display good behaviour, they’re going to need space for play and exploration. This includes climbing, scratching, and perching. To motivate your kitten to play, make sure that there are plenty of toys around that encourage active behaviour. Unfortunately, under-stimulated kittens are at risk of developing bad behaviour due to boredom, like scratching furniture or chewing. Browse our collection of Toys for Cats.

4. Kitten Tip Four: Litter for Kittens

Getting a new kitten means one thing is for certain – litter training. Naturally, cats are very clean animals who instinctively bury their waste. However, to make litter training a bit easier, ensure that their litter box is clean, or your kitten may refuse to use it. Remove solid waste every day and make sure it is cleaned at least once a week. Your kitten’s litter box should also be kept in a secluded and low-traffic area. We’ve got it covered though, take a look at our Family Pet Centre Litter for Cats.

5. Kitten Tip Five: Get a Kitten Spot

It’s no secret - cats sleep a lot, especially kittens. That’s because while they’re asleep, a growth hormone is released. Make sure you have a designated kitty spot that they know is theirs and where they feel safe. Browse our collection of super comfy cat bedding here.

Ultimately, the most important thing needed when bringing a new kitten home is a whole lot of love, and we know you’ve got that taken care of. If you have any other questions about anything your pet needs, feel free to ask the FPC Team, we’d love to chat!




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