10 Tips for Fussy Cats

What to do When Your Cat Doesn’t Want to Eat Her Normal Food

Your cat may seem to suddenly turn his/her nose up at their usual food and stop eating normally. The first thing you need to do is seek medical advice to rule out any health problems. Once you’ve done that, consider these 10 tips to get them to eat again.

10 Tips for Fussy Cats

September 16, 2019

Healthy Food Tips

  1. Don’t offer your cat a buffet of delicious food to choose from. If your cat has a big variety of foods available, it might become fussy about what it eats after that. Find one food type and stick to it. You can alternate flavours now and then so it won’t get bored.
  2. The ideal food for cats’ teeth is dry food. Cats on wet food might have weaker teeth and might need supplements to keep their teeth strong. If you are not sure, the best will be to speak to your vet about your cat’s needs.
  3. Ensure that your cat gets enough protein. As carnivores, cats’ bodies need protein for good health. Read the food label to make sure that the protein content is sufficient for your cat.
  4. You can heat up her food in the microwave for less than five seconds to make it more appealing. Always test the food's temperature before giving it to your cat. But only use this trick if your cat gets a set meal, and not when the kibble is left outside.
  5. Ensure that your cat’s food is fresh. When buying a bag of food, consider the size of your cat and how much it eats. Don’t try to save money by buying a larger bag that will be open for a long period of time, as the food won’t stay fresh.
  6. Don’t overfeed your cat. Speak to the vet about the ideal size portions.
  7. No one likes to eat from dirty plates, so why should your cat eat from a dirty bowl? Ensure that her bowl is kept clean and hygienic. Bacteria from a dirty bowl can affect its health.
  8. Don’t give your cat too many treats throughout the day. It will decrease its appetite, meaning that your cat won’t get the nutrients that it should be getting from her bowl of food.
  9. Ensure that your cat drinks enough water. Make sure that it always has fresh water available.
  10. If your cat feels uncomfortable and crowded in its environment, it might not want to eat.


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