Petsafe Magnetic Cat Flap Collar Key

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Let all of your cats use your Magnetic Cat Flap or replace your cat's current magnetic collar key. This replacement collar...

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Let all of your cats use your Magnetic Cat Flap or replace your cat's current magnetic collar key. This replacement collar with magnetic key is compatible with Staywell® Magnetic Cat Flaps (400 & 900 Series). The collar has an elastic strap designed just for cats, but you can take off the key and use it with any cat collar.


  • 1-Pack
  • Colour: Black
  • Quick-release buckle
  • Adjustable length and sizes
  • Small and lightweight magnetic key tag
  • Compatible with:
  • Staywell® Deluxe Magnetic 4-Way Locking Cat Flap (400 Series)
  • Staywell® Classic Magnetic 4-Way Locking Cat Flap (900 Series)
  • 400-Series Magnetic Petsafe Doors

A durable black nylon collar is perfect for cats that love to play, it uses the magic of magnets to open cat flaps easily, so your cat can have a fun and safe time playing and exploring. This product is also water-resistant and long-lasting, as it does not need batteries to operate, making it a convenient and low maintenance solution.Learn More

This key allows any pet wearing it to move in and out of your home safely and with ease. This allows for exclusive entry and prevents any other animals from entering your home. Keeping your cat's food, water, litter box, and bed protected from any unwanted visitors.

This Petsafe magnetic cat flap collar key works as follows; as your cat approaches the door and get within range, the magnetic key causes releases the cat flap, allowing your cat to enter.

The benefits of having magnetic cat flaps in your home prevent strange cats from coming into your house, and only cats that you allow will have access into the house. You will be able to monitor the activity of your feline friend and know when they are coming and going. This may assist you in determining the health of your cat if the amount of times your pet leaves and enters the house changes compared to their daily average.

The reliable key collar uses no batteries or electronics, so you can be sure your cat will have access to the flap at all times. The collar is adjustable for a perfect fit and features a quick-release safety buckle that is easy to fit and remove.

Cats are animals that require freedom and independence. With this product, they can have just that without you having to worry about managing it. No more leaving windows open and worrying about security, let Petsafe worry about that for you.