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Buy A Small Dog Door Online that is perfect for your dog or cat.

Yorkshire Terriers and Pekinese, rejoice- your days of being left out in the cold are over! The Dog Mate Small Dog Door is perfect for small breeds, keeping them safe and warm while you're away.

This range from Dog Mate features super strong but lightweight flaps which are also suitable for cats. All the flaps are fully brush sealed with magnetic closure to ensure total weatherproofing and minimum energy loss from your home.

It is important that your pet has the freedom of navigating your home! What is even better, is that this pet door has a rainproof seal. You don't have to worry about your home's interior with Dog Mate's superior products.

The locking system used for this dog and cat flap allows 2-way capabilities. This ensures that you have complete control over your safety with Dog Mate!

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  • 3 Years Guarantee
  • Ideal for all doors and walls.
  • Self lining up to 50mm thick
  • Robust locking panel which provides security and makes it clear to your dog when the door is locked.
  • Silent action weatherproof flap with vision panel.
  • Lightweight flap may be used by cats.
  • Draft and weatherproof brush sealed flap with magnetic closure.
  • Rainproof Seal
  • 2 Way Locking Secure Panel

 Why should you invest in a dog door?

There is a lot of responsibility that comes with pet ownership. From feeding them on time to taking them for walks and providing them with plenty of love and attention, owning a pet is a big commitment.

But it's also one that can provide immense happiness and companionship for both the pet and the owner. A bond between a human and animal is like no other. Animals can speak to us without talking and can even assist us so that we can grow as people.

We all know that owning a pet has its benefits. But what are they exactly? Recent studies show that owning a pet has some pretty impressive health benefits, both mental and physical. Read More

From reducing stress levels to increasing exercise, pets allow us to look outside of ourselves and focus on being empathetic and kind. Animals are good to us and therefore, we should also be good to them.

One of the ways to be good to your pet is to ensure they get enough exercise. One of the best ways to keep your furry friend happy and healthy is by giving them plenty of exercise. And what's the best way to give your pet plenty of exercise?

By installing a dog door! A dog door allows your pet to come and go as they please, which means they can get the exercise they need without having to wait for you to take them outside. So if you're looking for a way to make life easier for both you and your pet, install a dog door today!

Even the most well-behaved dog may start to bark or chew on furniture when cooped up indoors for too long. A great way to give your pet some freedom and help avoid such behavior issues is to install a dog door.

Dog doors provide your furry friend with unrestricted access to the great outdoors, which can lead to a variety of health benefits. Dog doors allow your pet to go in and out as they please, giving them more freedom and eliminating the need to wake up in the middle of the night. 

Most pet owners know that exercise is important for their pets, but many don't realize just how important it is. Pets who get enough exercise are healthier and happier, and they can even live longer. So if you're not already providing your pet with plenty of exercise, now is the time to start.

 By installing a pet door for your cat or dog you give them the opportunity to navigate your home freely. This will result in you and your furry friend being a great deal happier!

Keep your pet healthy and happy with a dog door. If you want to make sure that your pets are getting the exercise they need, it is important for them to be able to come and go as they please. A dog door allows this without having to wait on you or anyone else who might not always be available when needed.

You can read a full article on the benefits of a dog door here!